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  1. Gamechick

    Born-Kite LongStar 2

    I'm with you - I like a workhorse for buggying, nothing that is going to surprise me too much and get me into trouble (I can do that on my own). My go-to kite for both buggying and static flying is a Nasa Star 2. They just suit my weight/strength and style of flying - and isn't that whats important? And I like Born Kites because Stefan always addresses email to Tony AND me even thought it's Tony that emails him, just cause he knows I fly too...just sayin.
  2. Gamechick

    Born-Kite Longstar 2

    OOO....now that BigTone's have arrived it means I'll get to try them too <excited giggle>. Bit nervous as haven't flown a depower before so was cheered by your comment that "I can't see any reason it wouldn't also make a great first depower ....." My favourite buggy kite currently is a Nasa Star (I know, I'm a dawdler) so maybe one of these will be my step up favourite.
  3. Gamechick

    This is KINGSTON

    Damn wish there was somewhere like that in New Zeald....
  4. Gamechick

    Beginner Clinics at St.Peter-Ording

    Nice. they're using really short lines....is this for the benefit of their newby status or is there another reason?
  5. Gamechick

    Street Kiter

    Mental. The wind must be pretty steady where they are? Could get messy with a sudden gust of wind!
  6. Gamechick

    how often do you buggy????

    This lack has been duly noted - next year the Big T is adamant he is going to the moose despite a major family reunion being organised for the same weekend (clearly we were left out of the loop date wise). On the up side we got buggy-ing in both days last weekend which is a first - Whoop! Do we get browny points for adding that the nearest buggy-able beach is over an hour's drive away?
  7. Gamechick

    how often do you buggy????

    Hah - you haven't met my husband... Big Tone...who not a kite surfer, DOES get shitty after a couple of weeks with no buggying or at least a good static session.
  8. Gamechick

    Your Xmas pressies....

    Yes. Yes I do.
  9. Gamechick

    Your Xmas pressies....

    I'd settle for some wind and an empty beach
  10. Gamechick

    Kite Reviews, what do you look for?

    I was going to mention short people and short arms, but it sounded whiny. Maybe reviews should have something about how configurable lines/handles/bars are?
  11. Gamechick

    Kite Reviews, what do you look for?

    What about colour scheme? You have to know if it matches your outfit. Seriously, I want to know: Wind range for each skill range (newbie vs experienced). Stability. Responsiveness. What it is best suited for - buggy vs boarding etc. Random I know, but I'd like to know the (approx) weight of the reviewer. As a short (and therefore somewhat lighter) person this matters.
  12. Gamechick

    Nasa Star 3 Competition

    Hi my name is Sandra. My husband Tony bought some Nasa Star 2's but I nicked them. So if I won the three I could give him back the Star Two's.