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  1. agriarte

    My Pansh Aurora 15 is here

    I don't have any A15, my kite is the Aurora 1. In my opinion Pansh is bullshit, sorry, I don't have beatifuls words about Pansh. They are very cheap but the product is not ready to fly. Since 2 years ago I left the kitesurf, I'm happy with another sports
  2. agriarte

    my toys

    Thats true, low power to mountainboard. First time with the cross skating with kite, it was only an experiment to learn. With the longboard I can found a few of fun a low velocity. I would like fly with 20m lines but the parking seem big in video but is very small. Behind the camera a traffic road, to the left an electric line. Some times I mount 10m lines. No space for more lenght No Country for kiteland :-(
  3. agriarte

    my toys

    I don't know pros and cons for this shape. I bought it because it was short to easy turn, I didn't look its width
  4. agriarte

    my toys

    Hi! Long time whitout any news from me. Now I am doing cross-skating (with poles, no kites) but yesterday I thought to try kite-cross skating. Much better with longboard. I'm have to learn skating to have got a more complete opinion
  5. agriarte

    when the wind is low

    This is landboarding 4x4 ;-)
  6. agriarte

    Pansh A15 Prototype

    Sadly Pansh are unprofessional
  7. agriarte

    Pansh A15 Prototype

    Sorry for my late answer. I don't have time for sailing and now, on the summer, the kitesurf is forbidden in my place. My bar is horrible and also it came with bad setup, totally no functional. You can see my old issue here: I'm very interested to know how trimming a foil. When the summer will be finish and bathers and tourists leave the beach I'm going to ask a lot to the masters of this forum.
  8. agriarte

    Pansh A15 Prototype

    In my experience Pansh communication is totally void. I wrote them 2 times after buying a 15m Aurora with lines and bars and months later I'm waiting for an answer Their bar is crap, very poor design and don't work well.
  9. agriarte

    First time with granny tyres

    Second day I can test the big 10" wheels. On soft sand with harness and Nasa 7m. It's a bit difficult but I think I can do much better with more practice. On concrete and grass with hard sand. Here the wheels are amazing. Completely absorb uneven ground and you can overpass stones and holes much easily than standard 8" wheels.
  10. agriarte

    My Pansh Aurora 15 is here

    Yesterday I flew Aurora 15m. again with 8knots waiting the wind will be up. I haven't been able to enter the water because there was not enough wind. For landing I activated the quick release and again a lot of tangles with the 5th line. I'll have to change or modify the bar. I have lost too much time.
  11. agriarte

    Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    Congratulations! Waiting for your report. Pros and contras between 150mm and 200mm. I'm thinking to buy in the future one of this artefacts for skiing without kite
  12. agriarte

    My Pansh Aurora 15 is here

    Hola @Fernando, I will use the spray silicone that you say for the pulleys, I think is this CRC silicone Spray. https://www.amazon.es/CRC-Lubricante-Propiedades-Lubricaci%C3%B3n-Protecci%C3%B3n/dp/B00U1J69VY?ie=UTF8&creative=24526&creativeASIN=B00U1J69VY&hvdev=c&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=&linkCode=df0&ref_=asc_df_B00U1J69VY33300374&tag=googshopes-21 I like the idea to fix the bridles with the velcro and after roll up the kite. I will try it. For the nonce I dont have lucky with the wind and I'm very bussy with family and my son. One time I went to the beach and then wind was 16-18 knots, very strong for this kite size. Another time the wind was perfect, 12 knots but I did a mistake mounting the kite and the lines was very tangles. A lot of time for remount the kite and then the wind go out. Third try wind slow, .... No lucky
  13. agriarte

    My Pansh Aurora 15 is here

    This is mi second kite with fifth line and defenitily I don't like kites with fith. More time to mount, unmount, twisted lines,... The fith don't play nothing until you open the safety for landing or emergencies. I can't imagine relaunch the kite once safety is active: swim to the bar, stretch the lines,... too hard
  14. agriarte

    Pansh Aurora

    Pansh Aurora 15m Bar 65cm Lines 20m
  15. agriarte

    My Pansh Aurora 15 is here

    Yesterday I flew the aurora in static. The wind was about 8-10knots. I am newbie with foil kites. I am very slow to draw up the lines. I always tangled the lines and it takes a long time to get it ready :-(