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  1. Mark.h170

    Landsegler Beach Discwheels

    Hi, I'm selling my set of Landsegler Beach disc wheels. Covers have some damage (small cracks) but are reinforced with tape so you won't notice. Comes with a tool for easy inflating of the tubes and a spare outer tire. Located in The Netherlands but I'm sure we can arrange something for delivery. Price: 500 EURO Kind regards, Mark van den Berg H170
  2. Mark.h170

    GT-Race Buggies

    Looks great guys! Enjoy them out there!
  3. Mark.h170

    What would you prefere? Depowerkites

    Not sure if you already got lines, but I'm riding my R1 11 on 17m lines during our races to give it that little extra turning space..
  4. Mark.h170

    International kiting

    For The Netherlands there's no need to join a local club if you have your Australian race numbers, all you need is an insurance that covers you during the races. I think that's the same as most other countries. As far I know only Germany lets you pay 5euro for insurance during their races. Buggyclub Holland (http://buggyclubholland.com) will be hosting a fun weekend (https://www.facebook.com/events/201453577007716/) on 9 and 10 september which is open for everyone, we will be doing some 4hour racing on sunday. If you come for racing it should be pretty easy to race every weekend if you don't mind traveling, there are a lot of clubs organizing races. For the bigger fun weekends/events you can have a look at Buggycamp at Romo organized by the GPA or No barriers in the UK organized by the PKA. The European championship this year will be held somewhere in September at Hoylake, I'm not sure but I think it's open for you guys to compete there aswell. Hope that answers your questions a bit, if you want to know anything else just let me know!
  5. Mark.h170

    Eurocup Texel 2016

    Was a great weekend! Glad you like the track.. Had to use 'some' markers to use the complete beach...
  6. Mark.h170

    GPS Logging & Information

    Just tried my GPS with Google Earth and it seems to work pretty good for my Garmin Foretrex 301! Log from Eastern races in Germany - Sankt Peter Ordning
  7. Mark.h170

    Beginner Clinics at St.Peter-Ording

    They also do this because it's easier to get your kite tangled out, saves a lot of walking all the time and it takes less space.. more students on one beach.. They do the same in Holland.
  8. Mark.h170

    Storm Buggying!

    Landing wasn't the problem for me, I was there with another person that grabbed my wingtip and the kite was flat in a second. Launching is the 'hardest' part I think! ;-)
  9. Mark.h170

    Storm Buggying!

    Crazy! Even more respect for William on his Chrono v2 7, can't find the video atm.. ;-) I was riding my R1 6 in 35-40 knots and it did fine, better then expected!
  10. Mark.h170

    GT-Race Buggies

    Enjoy them guys! I'm sure you will! Also good luck with assembling! :)
  11. Mark.h170


    The 7m will do until 30-35 knots, depending on the type of beach (Hard/Soft).. Try wrapping the lines around the bar the normal way untill you reach the speed system. Secure the lines with the elastics, then wrap the speed system around the bar until you reach the bridle itself. Doing this for more then a year now and my lines are never tangled!
  12. Mark.h170

    Race results, European Championships

    As CHRIS K854 said, we were using downwind priority for those races. If you approach someone head on you always have to go right, but that doesn't have anything to do with priority I think.. Actually the whole beach was usable, a bit wet maybe but you just had to pick the right lines..
  13. Mark.h170

    Race results, European Championships

    First day was silly point to point racing where obviously the heavier pilots had an advantage. Monday we had offshore winds with some tacks so it was already more challenging to find the best way to the marker where we immediately saw other pilots going to the front of the pack.. I don't think there's a perfect track or beach for an (European) championship as everyone likes something else anyway. Best option is to spread to championship over a set of beaches like it's done for the national championships in most countries. Downside of that is that it's way too expensive for everyone to travel there.. ;-)
  14. Mark.h170

    Race results, European Championships

    Thank you! I doubt it, didn't see any on the final stage... ;-)
  15. Mark.h170

    Race results, European Championships

    Libre Spirit 2