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  1. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    That seems like a great deal.
  2. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Off topic - what were shipping rates to get the kite from U.S. ?
  3. Multi-Rotor Thread

    Well, I wasn't planning on trying active track. I am too afraid someone out of my sight might ride by and slice their lines, or worse hit it with a kite unintentionally. Really wanted to sit in a tandem and try to fly/follow the pack as they move up and down the beach. I joined a FB mavic forum, but with all the wisecracks and banter it's hard to determine what is useful information. We have our buggy bash approaching in 3 weeks, so hopefully will get great winds and awesome footage 👍🏽
  4. Multi-Rotor Thread

    @igeighty have you been able to follow buggies up and down the beach with your Mavic..? If so do the winds we fly in make it difficult...? I just picked up a second hand Mavic. Mavic 2 just released, so people are dumping these pretty cheap. Looking to bump up the buggy videos. Also picked up an Osmo really cheap
  5. Aviator bar setup

    No bar on the other side Kam. The safety line passes thru a hole on the back side of this. That is the red line sticking out. I found a manual for another PL bar - the magnet. Seems similar, but I still can't make sense of it yet.
  6. Aviator bar setup

    Just got an Aviator bar and lines but no manual. I have set up bars before, but this looks different from what I'm used to. What's going on here...? I know the front lines attach here, but how..? Don't want to assume anything. Also how do I attach safety line...? Cant find manual on PL website for bar.
  7. First time foil flight

    Thanks for the reply @.Joel I have been in conferences all week. I should have stated that I have on Ozone race bar. I will post pics tmw. After looking at the picture of the PL setup I will definitely install a ring.
  8. First time foil flight

    So I flew my 9m Chrono v2 ystrdy. Winds were upper teens/gusty and I treated her gingerly. Had some tip collapses which were no big deal. However the trim rope kept getting wrapped around my lines when I would spin the bar after looping the kite. I even ran it over at one point when sheeted in. I also had it jump out of cleat and fully power when unexpected. Any tips...?I will say this is very different from Arc flying. Much different animal, very fast, lotsa depower. A lot to get used to, but I can tell this thing is gonna be a hoot !!
  9. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    No apologies necessary brother. We're all here with the same goal.
  10. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    The setup Blitz is running is much narrower. Igeighty has "Beach" version. These are much wider. Look at the rims on his compared to mine. I have "NABX" version.
  11. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    That's funny. We're mirror images of each other. I wanted the beach Landseglers, but these (NABX) came up at a deal. Yours look awesome with those tires. Are they good in the soft stuff also...?
  12. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    Thanks @.Joel. Feel like part of the family now. Here are some shots of mine.
  13. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    I dream of riding Ivanpaugh, but we have a sweet spot here on the east coast called Wildwood Beach that is a buggy paradise. And a lot kinder to your kites. This is a friends video. I don't think he'll mind me posting it. You'll see another GT bug in it. I think it belonged to Stephan. My buddy Rich owns it now. He really pushed me to get a GT.
  14. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    Well, I chose the number years ago when I started. Coincidence I guess. I always figured if I turtled the buggy at least everyone would know it's me...
  15. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    Hi Mez, I have the Rapide V. The website was revised after I placed my order. No pics of the Raw yet. As I mentioned I followed the buy/build thread of those guys closely. They are part the blame for my purchase. Here is a video of my last ride in my Peter Lynn with some friends. Short and sweet. Amazing what you can do on your phone these days