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  1. Duncan

    Rocket bike

    I agree he's a H&S nightmare, but still seriously entertaining
  2. Duncan

    Rocket bike

    Hi all, new to this couldn't work out the link to YouTube! Search for Colin Furze !! A pulse jet cycle is just one of his creations.
  3. Duncan

    What action camera do you use

    Hi all, not got any decent kiting footage yet as still learning, bought an sj4000 after evaluating several cams on YouTube. There is a YouTuber in the UK tests and compares all sorts of things, called Techmoan. I bought it after watching his vids. It works fine in the car, and have had it helmet mounted, but, nothing much to record as the wind did a runner! It fits the gopro mounts no probs.
  4. Duncan

    Nasa Star 3 Competition

    Hi, I'm Duncan from Gateshead NE England, I have only been kiting a year, got into it for exercise as I was becoming a fat lad!! I have two old beamers and a pansch. I also have a buggy, and need to use it more! Got into kites watching quedecree on YouTube. I love the look of this kite.