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  1. Kitepower Australia

    Chrono V3

    Yeah I have a 9m that I can demo. Also have a 13m in Ultralite
  2. Kitepower Australia

    Chrono V3

    We have a couple Blizzards here, it has to be re-named though because Ozone stupidly didn't check for Trademarks on this name from the Ski Manufacturer http://www.blizzard-ski.com/ who they actually know well and the GM uses Ozone kites in the snow haha Oh well, people make mistakes... It will be called SUB ZERO, re-released on Feb 1st. We have a couple rare Blizzards in store now
  3. Kitepower Australia

    Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    Have one on the way We also have a couple hyperlink ultralights coming too haha couldn't resist.
  4. Kitepower Australia

    Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    Sorry for the delay mate. We discussed merging the Frenzy and Summit when a heap of dealers around the globe got together in Switzerland for the OSKM (tough gig, i know) there was a general consensus that the Summit and Frenzy were competing against one another, with the Frenzy sprouting technology from the race kites and paragliders, yet nearly all the really good snowkiters were using summits... So we reached the conclusion that an entry level Access and an advanced (yet to be named) open cell snowkite was all that is needed to cover 90% of the snowkiters out there. The Blizzard looks great and but the timing of the release sucks for us, because snow season is over. I'll order in a couple, happy to put one into demo if there is interest. What size? 9m or 11m?
  5. Kitepower Australia

    Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    Not sure what gave you that idea... have stocked Slingshot for a decade. Where are you located?
  6. Kitepower Australia

    Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    Definitely over the top with the marketing.... but hey so is every single other brand. Seen Slingshots latest campaign?? Makes Ozones marketing seem vanilla. Have a 9m demo in Sydney if anyone wants to try and I believe Steve sent a 12m to Jason?
  7. Kitepower Australia

    For Sale: Libre Dragster

    SOLD. Mods can update or delete thread?
  8. Kitepower Australia

    WTB. Ozone 15mtr R1. "Found one thanks".

    Happy to take offers on any of these http://www.seabreeze.com.au/Classifieds/Kitesurfing-Kites/~v4ed7/2016-Ozone-R1.aspx
  9. Kitepower Australia

    For Sale: Libre Dragster

    Unfortunately she has not been used in a while... Was Steve's buggy and has only really been used at stockton a couple of times. Libre Dragster V4A Stainless Camber Adjustement Axle Track Theres even a bum bag on the back with a make shift walk of shame line, some tape and a couple of seized pockets... who knows what could be in there! RRP on this was $4200.00 Asking $2200. Shipping definitely not included
  10. Kitepower Australia

    Vid - Apollo by Cabrinha Review

    They may have jumped the shark with this one, time will tell. I flew it up at kitesurfari FNQ, marginal winds with a 10m in a buggy and was very quick! Not as heavy to fly as the velocity. Didn't get to use on water because of the unusually light winds we had. Flying on the beach, the kite sat above you like a racing foil, to the point where i was worried it was going to fall on my head, but it was surprisingly stable up there. Their kite designer Pat was on the trip and told us that he spent a lot of time back and forth with their CAD programmer on this kite. They had to really work on the wingtips to get this thing to fly properly because of the high AR and also super flat centre section with very swept tips. They truly have created something in between a current high AR inflatable and foil kite. It felt nice to fly and should be a fun jumping kite, with great characteristics on a foil board, for those of you who don't want to deal with a foil kite.
  11. Kitepower Australia

    Kitepower - R1's For Sale

    It's screen printed so not much we can do there Texta or sticker over it if you must. I have a blue 11m R1 as well which has only been used 5-10 times $1850.00
  12. Kitepower Australia

    Kitepower - R1's For Sale

    These are Jordans race kites that he has had for a full season. In excellent condition, no repairs at all. These kites also currently hold the NZ national race title for the 2nd year in a row All kite only 7m - $1350 11m - $1750 17m - $2000 Shipping in Australia - FREE! Overseas just ask me for a quote.
  13. Kitepower Australia

    Rev Reflex (First Take)

    Planning a small rev order order soon if anyone wants something specific, just shoot me an email or message.
  14. Kitepower Australia

    R1 V2

    Damn expensive with less margin for retailers as well... Have ordered a 10m and 15m for our race team rider Jordan. Plus a 10m for the shop (myself) if anyone wants to try it out.
  15. Kitepower Australia

    RinseKit: The Revolutionary Portable Shower

    Interesting, I was confused for a while until I noticed this one is battery powered to heat the water... The original ones we have can be filled with warm/hottish water and if you leave in your car in the sun, you will certainly have a pretty hot shower relative to your body temp when getting out of the water. Wonder how much weight it adds.