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    Fast forward 18 months or so and we're now talking 25,000 lumens.  Beautiful huge wide flood light that just lights up everything.  Doesn't do the max 25K lumens for more than a minute and a good job too with all the heat it puts out at that.  But an incredibly useful beam at lower settings.  Plus a wall of red light, green light, blue light and UV light thrown in for good measure.  And here was me waiting for a 10,000 lumen torch - they surpassed that pretty quickly.  2 more years.....5 more years.....geez, what are they going to be making then?  The speed of advancement is staggering.
    Here's a video review of the Acebeam X80 at 25K lumens and the X45 at 'only' 18K lumens.  Sadly, Marshall, who does such a good job on these reviews passed away a few months ago at age 37.