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  1. Revolution Mesh Kite

    @Darren Tibbey Thank You.. I still have a a bit of tuning and trimming but I'm extremely happy with the initial flight test.
  2. Revolution Mesh Kite

    Looks like first flight for my new kites is going to have to be altered.. I won't be able to make the Wright festival this year after all.. Hopefully I'll get out for a few minutes to my regular flying field.. If so I'll try to fly'em and get some footage there. Sometimes Life Happens
  3. Revolution Mesh Kite

    It is stacked and bridled now.. Planning first flight at the Wright Kite Festival tomorrow at the Wright Memorial.. Kitty Hawk seems the appropriate place.. will also be first flight for a few other of my creations.. Pics and Video are in the plan.. Will hopefully have those online by Monday.. (2 day festival)
  4. Revolution Mesh Kite

    The latest ones will be a stack and were design with that in mind... Mostly I just enjoy making the kites. As of this latest batch, I have more home-mades than Revs. FWIW, I also have 6 if the Freileins, (4 are in a permanent stack)
  5. Revolution Mesh Kite

    Finished 5 more today.
  6. Freilein Quadline Kites

    The only surface to lock it to would be the LE Spars.. I'd like for those to remain removable.. I haven't had any issues with lateral movement and the kite design is sound.. Only issues I've encountered are as said above.. Opening in the Sleeve allows grit, harder to keep clean, changes stack geometry.. Some of those are "concerns" Some are just personal preferences..
  7. Freilein Quadline Kites

    My major issue with the change is the different diameter makes stacking this style of kites an adventure to say the least.. You'll have 5 equal length stack lines and the two lines that join the tops of the vertical spars have to account for the increased diameter.. It can be addressed with pigtails for sure but I like to keep my stack lines minimal so I can throw launch the whole stack.. FWIW, I don't use pigtails.. I can use ONE of this style at the back of my stack. The rest are conventional.. As a solo kite it's fine.. it just doesn't meet my need for stacks. It also makes it slightly more difficult to change frames. You not only have to navigate the sleeve but also the T connectors now.. Nothing Major but it is a noticeable difference.
  8. Freilein Quadline Kites

    @Chook As you can see it creates a smoother LE but also traps dirt and is notoriously difficult to keep clean from sand and salt residue.. I need to clean this one again.. Why complicate things when simple will do just as well? Agreed on the travel frame to a point. Ferrules do have some weight but with travel frames you can also mix/match and save weight where you want but have thicker sections where you need strength so like everything else in our hobby. you are striking a balance where you need it to get the job done how you'd like...Weight vs. Strength vs. Conditions vs. Skillset, etc..
  9. Freilein Quadline Kites

    I'll agree with with that statement for regular production Revs. I've never seen a stray stitch in a Freilein.. FWIW, I don't care for some of the newer design changes with the Freileins. The holes instead of mesh in the LE is fine but the hidden T-joint for the verticals on the newer ones make stacking a really "not fun" task and in my opinion create a "hinge" or fulcrum point that focuses all the stress on a single point in case of a tip drag or impact..Your mileage will vary of course. In contrast, It does leave a nice clean LE appearance though and has less protrusions to catch a line on when flying team or during solo slack line maneuvers.
  10. Revolution Mesh Kite

    I've continued to turn the Gomberg/G-kites tails into kites.. Having a blast doing it and flying them.. ALL of these kites are made from Kite Tails.. Sent a pic to David Gomberg.. His Reply..
  11. More Meshing around

    Thank you, I don't use adhesive per se.. I use masking tape to hold the shape while I sew like you would use straight pins for normal sewing.. No glue or seam tape has been used to date but I'm considering it for a current build which is of a different design..Outside of that this entire kite is shortcut after shortcut.. (And in all honesty, the angles aren't necessarily true, just "close enough") These kites fly better than they should given all the guesswork that goes into them. I'll chalk that up to luck and not skill. The design is very forgiving in the first place.. I have a few more experiments in "what can i do with just Tails?" planned before moving on to actual piecework.. The Only "not tail" material in any of these sails is the Screen which is regular door screen.. and one has a LE made out of a kite bag instead of a tail.. Most of the LE Sleeves are also the same tail material the kites are made from.. Caps bungees and Frames are either Rev, Freilein, Skyshark or FSD. Depends on the materials at hand when I build.. Not sure how much of the white I'll be keeping in this next one. The Brick pattern might be too prevalant. Planning a full sail instead of a mesh.. (actually hoping to get 4 full kites out of one 96' x 5" Transition tail. will stack them together if possible) These will probably use seam tape in an effort to keep everything very flat. will keep you posted..
  12. More Meshing around

    Latest build see the air..
  13. More Meshing around

    Never thought actual thread weight would be a factor Thanks
  14. More Meshing around

    Thank You