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  1. Couple of new builds 2018

    And the other perspective. Skew line (6the vertical) is intentional..
  2. Couple of new builds 2018

    They aren't bad backlit.. pretty much the same offset as Jester.. Close enough for me.. FWIW, I'm happy to keep the panels flat.
  3. Couple of new builds 2018

    Not following???
  4. Couple of new builds 2018

    Started #4 for this year.. Playing with perspective for a bit now..
  5. Couple of new builds 2018

    Third one finished today. B2 Sized..
  6. Couple of new builds 2018

    And another sail is taking shape.. introducing--> "Yonder"
  7. Couple of new builds 2018

    @Chook Thank You for the kind words. Disclaimer, this is my opinion. YMMV. I think they compare very well.. I use the number after the "P" to correlate to wraps. That may not be accurate but that's what I use in my head. They are a bit springier than Rev rod (Think more like the Green Race) but don't have as much rebound or stiffness.. They don't break as easily as the Green Trimmed Rev rods though by a long shot.. I've never broken a Skyshark Rod.. I think the Skyshark series frames are the most recommended frames for the Phoenix in the USA..
  8. Couple of new builds 2018

    Frames are all Skyshark with the camo or Red finish.. P2X and P2X red on this one. P2XCamo and P4XCamo on the Blue and Orange one.. Bridle Check clip
  9. Couple of new builds 2018

    Got the new one in the air today long enough to test bridle balance.. Hopefully first flight this week..
  10. Couple of new builds 2018

    bungees, Caps and Bridles now..
  11. Just wanted to share. unlike my other builds these are not from kite tails.. The Orange and Blue one I call the Jester.. Ripstop Nylon P4x/P2x hybrid Frame. The Dark Blue/Royal Blue is called Midnight Royal Taboo and is still in progress. Taboo because the darker blue is Poly , the lighter blue is Nylon.. Hope to finish it up this weekend.
  12. Revolution Mesh Kite

    @Darren Tibbey Thank You.. I still have a a bit of tuning and trimming but I'm extremely happy with the initial flight test.
  13. Revolution Mesh Kite

    Looks like first flight for my new kites is going to have to be altered.. I won't be able to make the Wright festival this year after all.. Hopefully I'll get out for a few minutes to my regular flying field.. If so I'll try to fly'em and get some footage there. Sometimes Life Happens