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    Stinka reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, Extreme Kites T-Shirts   
    Well it has been a while since Extreme Kites had T-Shirts available!  
    So without further adieu feel free to pickup a great looking T-Shirt for yourself here ( http://shop.spreadshirt.com.au/xknews/ )
    Shipping is Global!

    Ordering from Spreadshirt
    Link: http://shop.spreadshirt.com.au/xknews/
    When ordering from Spreadshirt you can choose the colours we've selected for you, or alternatively you can look at all the different garment colours and choose one that you prefer.   Spreadshirt handles all payments, prints and dispatches the T-Shirts generally within 48 to 72 hours of placing your order.
    Here's a few of our Community Members wearing the last set of samples, starting with @jhn.holgate, my wife @Melissa and then @The Duke 
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    Stinka reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, Smashed Flat   
    Kingston 2016 is on the horizon, we need as much time as possible in the new buggies to get familiar before we head off in hunt of some new records.  For @nigel this was his first time on a beach with his new GT-Rapide ++, for @bakersdozen this was the first time he was out in his own buggy!  So a couple of firsts for everyone to start, and one for me to finish  
    We met at Nigel's place a bit after 9am, my GT on the rear rack, Nigel's GT in the back along with Mark's (bakersdozen) gear and off to Sandy Point.  Upon arrival the wind seemed a bit light, however once you went over the hill you felt a good 15 knots comfortably with it pushing a little higher at different stretches of the beach.  I choose to take out a Peter Lynn Phantom2 12M as I had flown the 6M and 9M, however yet to have tried the 12M.  Nigel choose some smaller foils earlier on then settled on his 10M Peter Lynn Scorpion and Mark on a 7M Ozone Frenzy for the day.  
    Billy Cart Style...

    Nigel on his GT-Rapide ++

    Moon walking...

    Mark trying out a race buggy...

    Nigel on a 10M Peter Lynn Scorpion + GT-Race Rapide ++

    Camera on?

    My GT-Rapide ++ with Extreme Kites seat.

    Nigel scudding.

    The day's kite choices... 

    After an awsome day's kiting I decided to "billycart" the buggy back to the cars, I usually do this to get to the beach on a weekday when it's empty and there's nobody around.  However in the past coming back to the cars has always been on midis etc, this time I had the 17" rims on the GT.  I sat on the back rest, put my feet in the seat and grabbed on to the tow strap and went.  Usually I drag a foot on the ground or two to slow down, however the buggy picked up a bit more speed so I decided to just ride it out.  As I came around the corner I had complete under-steer, my eyes instead of paying attention ahead I slipped up and fixated on the object I was trying to avoid, a dead tree trunk.  In doing so I didn't look ahead and after avoiding the tree trunk ended up as I was turning hard right going over a large grass mound with the right rear wheel.  As my whole body was already fighting the lean to the left that extra lift of the rear wheel at speed just threw me clean off the buggy and smashing me flat in to the ground.  First thing I did was make sure I could move my legs, then my arms, then I realised I was winded as I was struggling hard to breath.  Nigel had run over and was telling me to stay down, Mark comes around the corner and goes "I could head that from back there."  Eventually with enough air back in the lungs I bleeted out "Mark you're an Ambo, check me out" then lay back flat on the grass.  He came up, then started checking me out, got to my ribs and I started cursing in pain.  We're not sure if they're bruised or worse, but sure as hell my chest absolutely aches. That's the first time in 10+ years i've been thrown off the buggy doing that, everyone had their own "first" for the day  
    Parting advice, if you're going to injure yourself do it with enough time to heal before Kingston