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  1. MaxVMGRacing

    Ozone R1 11m

    Didnt ever try it personally with a buggy I ride hydrofoils
  2. MaxVMGRacing

    Ozone R1 11m

    Kite & bag only $1300 Good condition Same 11m as tried by Mark the WA buggy rider. Kevlar Bridle. Could supply standard bridle if required. V2 Bar & lines available
  3. MaxVMGRacing

    Ozone R1 19m (red/white)

    Ozone R1 19m Coustom Red/White. $2200 Kite and bag only Ive done 31knots in 12 knots of breeze on the hydrofoil. GOOD TO GO FROM 4-5 KNOTS Priced for an urgent sale Around 25 hours use.
  4. MaxVMGRacing

    Ozone R1 8m (blue/white

    8m R1 Kite & Bag only. around 20hours of use. Its an absolute rocket!!! $1500 ex shipping (price reduced for urgent sale as 9m is on its way) Blue/White Combo Kelvar bridles ( if needed you could order non kevlar replacement bridel seperate) selling as im upgrading to 9m due to gap being a touch to big from 11m down to 8m.
  5. MaxVMGRacing

    New Flysurfer dealer in WA

    Oops, forget to set my forum out of office.... MaxVMRRacing can not attend to your post right as he is away at for Nationals & KiteFoild Gold cup In kitefoil (hydrofoil racing) land.... for past 9 months its been Ozone R1, Elf Joke (latest model), FS Sonic, F-One Diablo, Chrono V1 Lots of new riders coming into the mix, new hydro foils, clear splits in big wind & light wind foils and mix of who is attending events.
  6. MaxVMGRacing

    Closed cell tips and tricks...

    make sure sand bag doesnt havent anything that can hook onto bridle. Those srping loaded clasps on the sandbag ropes get hooked easily. Best to tuck them into the top of the sandbag or remove them and justtie a knot to seal the sand bag. I'll send a few sand-bags along with Gumnutes for Lefroy One more importnat thing with these very high aspect race foils... they can over fly you in instant especially if gusty. Keep lots bar preasure when standing stil to make sure they stand abit downwind, best to keep kite down at 10 or 2 rather than 12 as well just to be safe. if you find yourself in any situation, sothing like a missed tack, where kite has though well you stay there i'll just keep going up wind without out... pull on a steering line hard to send it back around down wind or pull the break line as an emergency to stall the kite back down wind.
  7. MaxVMGRacing

    Closed cell tips and tricks...

    This season in hydrofoil land... things have got insane!!! We riding more powered up than you would have even dare to consider 12 months ago. We pushing our 15m R1 in upto 18knots, 11m to 24knots and well over 30knost for 8m. The new foils even when full depowered dont fall back into the wind window as much, yet still crank upwind even when full depowered. I had the 11m out today in 18-22 knots, just about full depowered at times and still hammering upwind. This is making launching and landing a bit nerve wrecking. do not hot launch.... and keep conmtrol of the kite. Sheet them in enough still they stall and start edging back and they seem to lose just about all their power. But let the rear lines go, and as soon as airflow restarts over the wing its game on... you going to get launched. Best bet is 45 degree launch in high wind, keep control at all times of the kites forward movcment by grabing the steering lines and holding tension on them. As for speed, let the kite breathe, dont over sheet and dont be scared to depower abit to get the kiet flying clean as possible. We now flying the kites super low to get maxium pull upwind , ride the gusts out, each gust is extra upwind surge. low kite also stops you keeting lift off foil and out of seat, use all that pull to get upwind. Strangley enough we stealing tips from the buggies... we going super short on our lines 18-20m for small kites and 21-25m for the larger sizes. If very very powered, start with kite high... find your upwing angle lock it in then bring the kite down.... you'll hold your line. and let the kite breathe. Even more so if flying the kite in the bottom of its wind range... over sheeting causes the airflow over the wing to stall and the power "turns off". Heading back down wind... doesnt matter how over powered you were up wind, once you gte to to the top mark, let all the depower out... maxium power, bring kite up high and send it down as you round the mark to launch you down wind. on the smaller sizes you could even back loop but its risky as the pull is instnat and EPIC... on water if it goes wrong you luanched down wind around 75m bouncing along the water... on land thats gonna hurt, alot! so maybe best just stick to up high then striaght down and you round and point down wind. Sign the kite 2 more times and let it breathe again with abit of bar pressure again nice and low. Slowing, full depower.... bring you kite up high, and depending how powered up tease the kite beyond 12 overhead to act as a slight air break as you turn back upwind slightly. Best tip for upwind line. gte some forward speed then lock in you line upwind with kite overhead , and then bring the kite down low... let kite breathe and work its way to the edge of the wind window and then dont be afraid to let more depower out to power the kite up even further. Let it all out and feel the pull build and build The power you can hold down in the situation is vastly more than if you reaching and then tried to carve up wind, if you try full power and then carve up wind you end up getting dragged off line and natural tendency is you bring kite up higher to spill off the power.
  8. MaxVMGRacing

    New Flysurfer dealer in WA

    Interesting comment.... Based upon which event are you using to determine the Sonic is better upwind than R1? Kitefoil gold cup Mexio, Kitefoil San Fran, German Buggy Champs, Kitefoil Silver & Gold Cup Italy, San Fran club racing? Or is this feed-back based upon sponsored rider comments only? http://www.seabreeze.com.au/forums/Kitesurfing/Kiteracing/R1-vs-F-One-vs-Elf-vs-Sonic-FR/ Sonic vs Chrono V1 buggy racing. Not too many sonics doing better upwind in this video than the Chrono V1 https://vimeo.com/130968998 Dont get me wrong. The Sonics are well made, and local lads ive spoken with are enjoying them. Flysurfer is no fly by nigh brand, that are a top tier crew and their equipment is A grade And credit where credit is due, James/Specialist Kiting has been doing a great job, even helping sponsoring local juniors with gear.