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  1. SOLD: Ozone Bar and Lines

    hey guys.. nah haven't got one yet and yeah that does look good and I'm blown away by how generous you guys are. I would love to be able to get that board but in the process of moving, getting bond together ect.. but feel its too good to pass up.. got 70% of a harness made up with back brace so hopefully can go a go soonish..if someone wants to get it for me and hold on to it for a few weeks should be able to fix it up once the dust settles.. haven't been flying for a month or 2 as I came off my mtn bike on the trails and damaged my ac joint and 3 ligament's in my shoulder 4 weeks ago still a bit sore..but keen to get out.. thanks heaps guys tight lines.. Phil..
  2. SOLD: Ozone Bar and Lines

  3. PL bars and lines

    So they are no good together?? Got a home made harness for land boarding, should be able to come up with some sort of quick release..
  4. PL bars and lines

    How much all up with postage to sydney ? 2125 Will it work with an octane 4?
  5. PL bars and lines

    still for sale?
  6. Sydney Guys

    might try a static session and get some practice on the controls this week somewhere local, found an old gimbal belt and brace that should work as harness with some alterations, and with some fancy rope work, pully and a ring or two it should all come together. ( I hope). cheers to the injuries to come!!
  7. Sydney Guys

    thx pete. great pic and thx for the video had a look at a few and know where I went wrong.. was having a look at the wind for this week, Thursday arvo/evening looks good for some where close by or a sunday arvo session at the beach,, anyone?? and I will not give up until I've gone at a 1km on the landboard.. lol
  8. Dingley Reserve Night fly.

  9. Dingley Reserve Night fly.

  10. Sydney Guys

    well it was great to meet you too Tiger and thanks for the tips gotta keep working the loops and holding it in the window. a big thank you to pete for the lift down and the lend of the gear, it was my first time landboarding and well say no more but I'm sure It was a piece of sand in my teeth this morning.. keen to have another go.. I will make more than 50 mtrs.. oneday!!
  11. Sydney Guys

    yeah that would be awesome. Where and when? do u still have my number?
  12. Sydney Guys

    so its a Sunday session? that would be awesome thanks mate. hope the offer still stands. will be catching the train down on Saturday arvo if everyone's going Sunday..
  13. Sydney Guys

    might be keen for a sunday trip down down, anyone got something spare to tow behind a ozone 4?
  14. Sydney Guys

    I must be reading willy weather wrong, nothing below 20knots all day sunday from s-sww-s-sse.. oh well... maybe next time..maybe..
  15. Sydney Guys

    fingers crossed it picks up later in the week.. still keen to go down. fishing and flying.. super keen... will be catching a train down Saturday arvo if all goes ahead..