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  1. Surfboard

    Had to have a go. Wanted to try loads of techniques, materials with the aim of a fast board and it actually worked too.
  2. Kite foil

    I'm using pine for the structure. Light and strong and fairly cheap too
  3. Kite foil

    Hey hey peeps. Think this needs an update. So.......after 2 failed attempts last year and only getting back to it 3ish weeks ago here's the progress....... Well, the foil works....really well. It's not fast but it's pretty stable and I have been able to learn on it. It has a steady stall and you feel it before it lets go at very low speeds. It's lack of sharp edges means so far only bruising but no cuts on impact. But it also sings but I've seen production ones do that too. Overall I am really happy with it. It owes me £200 and is strong sturdy and stiff enough for the job. Imo the best way to learn foiling is on your own build. This has had another effect.......mk2 is now in the making. Slimmer, sharper, adjustable, interchangeable wings and hopefully faster. We shall see.
  4. Video Les Hemmes

    the date for the 8 hrs race Les Hemmes 2019 is made public : Mark your calendar : 29 June 2019 !!!!!!!!!
  5. Les hemmes 8 hour 2019

    Get saving! Buy them tickets early the date for the 8 hrs race Les Hemmes 2019 is made public : Mark your calendar : 29 June 2019 !!!!!!!!!
  6. Les hemmes 8 hour 2019

    I done the 8hr this year. Was a brilliant race. Managed a 7th place finish with my team mate Karen cutbush. Brilliant few days on the beach.
  7. Which size Pansh aurora 2 to buy?

    I fly my 15m a2 from 10kts to 18kts wind and am 86kg
  8. Advice seeking on how to tune bridles - A,B,C and Z

    First off check all lines are equal from left to right. If not make them So. Fly it and evaluate it's characteristics. If the leading edge is collapsing this can be remedied by lengthening the a lines or shortening the b's. Just the b lines will change camber. Keep this in mind as it will effect it's speed and stability if done too much. Though some kites fly ok with a little reflex. You can shorten both b and c lines, this will keep it's camber and add aoa, this can bring on in effect less depower range. The trick is to try these and find what works for you.
  9. Pansh Aurora2 15M

  10. Cerberus

    I'm pretty sure you'll like this. A 3 Meter kite is the perfect storm kite for those speed freaks.
  11. Fixed bridle v. Depowerable kite sizes

    Yes I know them. Nice people. You buy a vapor?
  12. Fixed bridle v. Depowerable kite sizes

    Also depends on the pilot. I've been on a 3 Meter first...got 51mph then Ryan mcgavin was on a 9m (I Think, could have Bern a 12m aero) and got over 60mph I believe. Big balls to be fair. Me personally. I'd say my 8m fone diablo vs 4m sprint. Maybe 5m. If the 8 is too much I'm then back on my 3m first. The Adam is different. Not as fast but can be bloody punchy In high winds. Not made a fair comparison of an Adam vs lei. 10m lei I only fly in 20 plus kts on water. 8m diablo in 20kts plus on the buggy. So difficult to make a set rule. I'd approximate 10m lei to a 5.5 or 6.5 adam.
  13. What would you prefere? Depowerkites

    11m will work great on 15m lines. Plenty of room for turns and makes turning quicker.
  14. Kite foil

    I was using my 10m airush varial x in about 13kts. Board was a old skim board...really small. Neither flat water or surf but some rolling waves some breaking randomness.
  15. Kite foil

    Just recently got the balls to give it another go. I had a friend try it out first to get a no nonsense opinion if if i would be wasting my time. He came back to tell me it was pretty good. The only down side was the board. I needca board with some volume as the one i have when the wind drops doesnt allow me to get up without it sinking so stops me getting the forward movement i need. So played on it for an hour n a half managed 3ft of foiling on my second session. Success! Lol So getting a board with some volume to help.