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  1. Cerberus

    I'm pretty sure you'll like this. A 3 Meter kite is the perfect storm kite for those speed freaks.
  2. Fixed bridle v. Depowerable kite sizes

    Yes I know them. Nice people. You buy a vapor?
  3. Fixed bridle v. Depowerable kite sizes

    Also depends on the pilot. I've been on a 3 Meter first...got 51mph then Ryan mcgavin was on a 9m (I Think, could have Bern a 12m aero) and got over 60mph I believe. Big balls to be fair. Me personally. I'd say my 8m fone diablo vs 4m sprint. Maybe 5m. If the 8 is too much I'm then back on my 3m first. The Adam is different. Not as fast but can be bloody punchy In high winds. Not made a fair comparison of an Adam vs lei. 10m lei I only fly in 20 plus kts on water. 8m diablo in 20kts plus on the buggy. So difficult to make a set rule. I'd approximate 10m lei to a 5.5 or 6.5 adam.
  4. What would you prefere? Depowerkites

    11m will work great on 15m lines. Plenty of room for turns and makes turning quicker.
  5. Kite foil

    I was using my 10m airush varial x in about 13kts. Board was a old skim board...really small. Neither flat water or surf but some rolling waves some breaking randomness.
  6. Kite foil

    Just recently got the balls to give it another go. I had a friend try it out first to get a no nonsense opinion if if i would be wasting my time. He came back to tell me it was pretty good. The only down side was the board. I needca board with some volume as the one i have when the wind drops doesnt allow me to get up without it sinking so stops me getting the forward movement i need. So played on it for an hour n a half managed 3ft of foiling on my second session. Success! Lol So getting a board with some volume to help.
  7. Cerberus

    Nice lil vid. Must share this one too because of the tunage.... My local spot
  8. Cerberus

    The designs are made by one guy, one i know well enough that i saw some of the designs after they had been sent off. He makes several and pansh decide which they like or ask for changes. The designs are then limited by complexity and cost so as to keep them viable to go to market. Personally i think the ace2 is one of the better designs on a kite on the market currently.
  9. Cerberus

    Yes. I have. And the 2 that i have fly very well indeed.
  10. Cerberus

    Im surprised he was polite enough to offer vasaline! If it were peterlynn kite id demand it shoved up someone elses arse dry. Fyi I have put a depower speed system on my 10m cerberus and it works great as a depower kite too.
  11. Cerberus

    If you like fixed bridle race kites but not the peterlynn price tag. I would highly recommend these. http://www.panshkite.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=447&productname=
  12. Kites as parasails or parachutes?

    As above. Big ears could still work.....ozone have somehow designed in tip tucking into their kites quite well. B line stall might not even be possible with closed cell.
  13. Kites as parasails or parachutes?

    ^ plus a open cell wing tip twist can be shaken out. Closed cell can hold presure and make a large tip not fit through the line twist and not come out so easily.
  14. F-One Diablo 12M

    How has this not sold! People dont know their kites obviously. Beyond a bargain.
  15. What would you prefere? Depowerkites

    As a 1 kite i did go for a 11m Fone diablo. I now have 3. Superb kites. Out of the v1s imho the best of the bunch. Infact im able to beat people on v2 sonics and r1s. And 2 of mine are second hand. Fone made sizes 1m either side so 12m would be spot on too. 10m not so for the lower end though. I believe joel has one for sale at a very good price too. Ozones have a tendancy to tiptuck...less so the newer you go but they all do it. Sonics are great kites, bar feel felt vague in light winds for me. Pl aeros are good kites woth no nasty habits and are proving to be very fast.