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  1. Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    I don't have the specs on the Summit unfortunately. I know it's higher AR than the FZY V10. The Frenzy starts at 4.02 in the 5m and increases to 4.19 at 14m. if that gives any idea.
  2. Peter Lynn Charger.... 2017 Kite!

    Shaving a bit of weight is something that has been needed for ages with the Arcs to bring their light wind performance up to an average standard. Except for maybe the F-Arc. Those things do pretty well in light winds. A UL version would be fierce!
  3. Peter Lynn Charger.... 2017 Kite!

  4. Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    Blizzards are AR 4. And if interested the Hyperlink AR starts at 4.5 for the 5m up to 5.2 for the 12m. If you are on FB, check this for visual comparison of the HLV1 with the Frenzy V10 and Chrono V2. We will shoot images of the Blizzard when they become available.