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    analista programador de sistemas, guardavidas de cruz roja, fotografo, crear alguna nasa.

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  1. ricardo luca

    Please insert caption....

    jaja nice coments are you crazy boys? jaja
  2. ricardo luca

    First Rib off the production line

    hi, nice work
  3. ricardo luca

    Nothing to show yet

    Hi Andy666, i use the soft surfplan to make a design and other calulation the soft its easy. already make a nasa, it`s nice and fly very well, see this.. Hola Fernando, como estas? yo hace poco me anote en este blog, mas que nada porque he visto algunos videos sobre las velas de traccion nasa, hice una y ahora mi idea para el tiempo libre es hacer un intento de vela inflable mas que nada para poder meterla al agua, he visto en varios perfiles que usan muchos los tipo foil doble capa con celdas mas que nada para kitebuggy, todavia no me decido sobre que hacer ya ire viendo.. encontre un programa que se llama surfplan que te hace todos los calculos y mas o menos vas viendo como quedaria terminado.
  4. ricardo luca

    Nothing to show yet

    hi, im from argentina, i have a project to build a kite too, recently i shop 35 meters of ristop nylon fabric, i have the structure printed but not decided if make a inflatable kite or a single skins kite. if you like send you the fabric to make me one? jaja i make a npw like this , if you like view and coment my blog and videos.. happy new year..
  5. ricardo luca

    Extreme Kites Blog Competition

    hi, who is the winner the competition? can already release my cross finger?
  6. ricardo luca

    The Cheeseburger Grin

    it`s a hard work, but anyone to do.. jaja nice and wide smile.
  7. ricardo luca

    Beginner Clinics at St.Peter-Ording

    nice work and the best it`s teach to boys how fly, and love this pasion hobby.
  8. ricardo luca


  9. ricardo luca

    Peak 2 and Mt Weatherboard in the background

    nice shot.. perfectly aligned to mountain?..
  10. ricardo luca

    Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus

    nice pic, well done
  11. ricardo luca

    Pansh A-15

    Hello , beautiful kite , what if he falls into the water to relaunch ?. or are not kites for use in the water ?.
  12. ricardo luca

    ParAAvis GVX 2015 11M

    good photo , I like the reflections in the water , it seems to really cold .. but who cares right? haha

    Hello , I found this link , http://www.kiteplans.org/planos/kitemanca/kitemanca.html#npw9b is a software to make all calculations to build from nasa web cuts to measures flanges , version 9, if you dare although it is a tough job but someone has to do it , right? haha so then I found this software to create my version nasa haha john watching videos holgate I would love to buy a pot in my city but it is difficult to buy nasa comets, or whatever outside of Argentina , perhaps now no new president change things and can bring these materials and equipment. you may need to heed that phrase : if the mountain will not come to Mohammed ... haha

  14. ricardo luca

    Extreme Kites Blog Competition

    hello, nasa insurance is the best of the best, occupies little space , no problems with the bridle if left attached , pushes a lot and it can give you many varied uses. I'm using it to drag me through the sand with zapatillas..otras times with a skateboard with inflatable wheels and other sandboarding , shortly proves a kayak , surfboards , etc etc haha p.d. also use the translator , but this good to write in my language , the English language is my second favorite . I understand if I read or speak slowly .. but write and speak without practice is chaos , it sounds to Indian? haha
  15. ricardo luca

    Kiting the Bed Sheets

    hermoso video.