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  1. Crackers

    Vaporised @ Labour Day 2017

    Must be a higher rate for long weekends. And we had 4 adults.
  2. Crackers

    Vaporised @ Labour Day 2017

    Hi Darren we pay less than $70 a night for a powered site for the main week over Christmas at the Waratah bay caravan park.
  3. Crackers

    Got one thanks all.Wanted - Cheap mountain board

    Hi Darren what area are you from? There was one for sale on ebay last week for $125.00 in Hallam vic
  4. Crackers

    New Kiting spot (Melbourne)

    I've just got back from Waratah bay this afternoon. Would of liked to of come down to Dingley . If you could post next time you are heading down hopefully I can make it for a fly. .
  5. Crackers

    Kris Beech - Freestyle

    He is such an awesome rider.
  6. Crackers

    Open day Baw Baw

    They are hoping to run a couple more mountainboard days at Baw Baw next year .
  7. Crackers

    Open day Baw Baw

    The weather was great heaps of jumps, rails and a huge air bag, there was about 20 riders. Footages will be at Australian mountainboarders on Facebook .
  8. Crackers

    Open day Baw Baw

    It was supposed to take place last Sunday but for possibly the first time ever an event was cancelled due to too much snow. Will post pictures after 20th November I've never been to Baw Baw before so I don't know if there is anything room for kiting.
  9. Crackers

    Open day Baw Baw

    No kites involved but possibly the largest mountainboard event ever held in Victoria.
  10. Crackers

    ex display boards comments please

    My comp 95 came with a MBS grab handle good shape with a soft grip covering.
  11. Crackers

    WANTED: Powerkite Magazine

    You are slowly getting there.
  12. Crackers

    Board hanger

    You just have to make the most what ever space you have.
  13. Crackers

    Ozone Access XT 8m (2011) for sale - SOLD

    Hi Pete I'll buy the Access if still for sale.
  14. Crackers

    Ozone Access2 6M

    Reading this review has made my mind up that I will be looking at buying a 6 or 8m Access. Great review thanks Joel.