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  1. Chook Powering Up his Land Yacht

    Lucky bastard!!!!!!!
  2. Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

    Any plans for tomorrow morning at low tide? I think it's low around 10.30-11. I'll likely just head to the same spot...
  3. Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

    Sailing Toop road beach at the moment. Quite nice if you stay out of the ruts
  4. Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

    Kite buggy ski foils.... Hi crew. Any plans for tomorrow (Sat 20th) or is everyone playing by ear? My plan A is to try the beach at the end of Toops road in the morning. Fingers crossed the wind turns westerly!
  5. Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

    Still can't turn me off, see you Saturday
  6. Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

    Thanks for the reports. Looks like we'll be catching you over on the beach
  7. The Sandgropers

    Looking forward to the day I can trip across to sail with the sandgropers on walyungup!
  8. Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

    Ahhhh, I see what you did there....
  9. Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

    Apparently the lake is drying out real fast in this summer heat and wind. Won't be counting chickens yet, but hopeful the lake is as good as this year in 2017.
  10. Too much fun in the snow...

    Oh man! I'd love to go for a whirl there. Epic drifting surface.
  11. Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

    Booked a house in Kingston from 20th-24th, hopefully get there a couple days earlier though (If I have anything to do with it!)... My father and sister should be out camping on the lake again around the same time.
  12. my new toy

    Hey that's my saying!!! None of my land yachts are in one piece at the moment. Here's hoping for warmer weather.
  13. Blow @ Kingston SE 2017

    Liking what I'm reading! Will also see you guys there in January Not sure of exact dates yet though...
  14. Blow @ Kingston 2016

    Thanks Chook and Jay, much appreciated!
  15. Blow @ Kingston 2016

    I think this is a good idea and done easily with a few traffic cones, posts, colourful objects. It could also keep vehicles off the grass/saltbush, which was a small issue for the Rangers who pulled up last year. Its a good plan, but has me left wondering who do I camp with....please don't send me to the Blokarts