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  1. dwalk

    HI! From a Newbie In NZ. Where to start?

    Nice to meet you John, Plummet! Plummet, I'm originally a Naki' man myself, Ex NPBHS, finishing in 1995. I'll be visiting family in New Plymouth sometime in the next month. I take it back beach is your playground? I used to fly RC gliders off the cliffs around there. Might meet you there one day. I've met Butch from Wind Warrior kites, and when I buy a new board I will buy it through him. In the meantime I want to keep start up using 2nd hand gear if possible, to gauge how far i want to take it, without spenting $$$. Not many 2nd hand Landboards or buggies around though. In the meantime i'll keep flying my Cult 3.5 static, getting usd to how much pull you can get from a small kite, even in light linds when you work it!
  2. Hello Everyone I'm just starting out in powerkiting, flying an Ozone Cult 3.5 static at my local park and beaches. Loads of fun, but I want to get into Landboarding, but as someone who has never skateboarded in the past, whats the best way to start? I haven't got a board yet, i'm looking for a 2nd hand board to start with, so i can get the cout rashing, bashing and learning done on a not so fancy board. Any suggestions about where to start? Should i buy a std longboard? or a mountain board? and what about foot loops? All advice appreciated, Dwalk, Levin NZ
  3. dwalk

    Pansh Blaze IIIs 5th Line

    Newbie here, currently static flying an Ozone cult 3.5, while designing and building my buggy. Are you likely to do a full review of the Blaze 3s? Looks like this could be a good 10m all around 1st depower kite