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  1. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    New prototype of my skates. Blades are slightly redesigned to match powerslide boots.
  2. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    New skates are rolling like hell ! They are taking all bumps easily but ! they are also taking all narrow turns without rising legs. Next time I will make some footage to show you how well this design works. I think I will develop another version on MTB 8" wheels.
  3. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    Nice, flat field. Pitty I do not have such spot in my neighborhood. Wow
  4. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    This is evil !
  5. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    CNC cut done, now I have to put everything together !
  6. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    One more shot from Flexi Blade Saturday session
  7. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    Some kiteskating yesterday
  8. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    I have no idea, I suppose they are heavy because winter boots and ski bindings are heavy. Except weight I think they are also to warm for summer time obviously. That's why in my project I planned165 mm power slide mount for skate bindings. MyMonster Skates will be assembled from standard power slide parts. Enclosed you can see last version of skids for CNC cutting next week.
  9. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    The idea is to lower two middle wheels to get some more maneuverability while having the "edge" with four wheels when going up the wind. It is also possibly efficient when taking bigger bumps. The question is what should be the difference of vertical position of middle axis to front and back one. For the moment I planned 7 mm difference. Any idea ?
  10. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    I got my 150 mm wheel nordic skates, however I have some doubts if they are better than Powerslide Metropolis SUV. Haven't tested them yet since I am curing my broken rib ( broken when skate kiting actually ). I think they are too low and on bumpy fields and it is not going to work. There is also 57 cm between axis and I am afraid , being now more aware of possible injuries, that they are dangerous for my knees. Inspired by one skate kiter who created insanely safe system ( below) I am designing my own skates based on four 6 1/4" wheels. I think I will still use original powerslide boots not ski bindings like he did, but they are going to be shorter and higher, designed for all bumpy fields. The project of my 4mm alu skids for CNC cutting is almost ready ! Some fine-tuning is still necessary.
  11. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    Thanks. I expect to get XC skeleton power slide skates for tests http://www.skatefun.pl/powerslide-xc-skeleton,id176.html . It is 2013 model so it is available at lower price. I also ordered 20' wheels to make Doom skates. I am going make them and test pretty soon. SUVs offer perfect maneuverability but due to small wheels they often stop on bumpy surface. I am trying to find good compromise between maneuverability on quick turns and smooth ride on bumpy grass field. take care
  12. Nordic-Scout "Wheels of Doom"

    Powerslide Metropolis SUV + Ozone Frenzy