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  1. HQ Freeracer

    They sound good look forward to seeing these being used on buggys
  2. Could we call the Lukin flight a kite was pretty spectacular flip and in true form just pulled him self out with a mixture of groans, laughter and shock
  3. Chrono II

    Old mate know when to drop the carrot day or 2 after chook pulls 200 plus kms in one session non stop on his bigger brother great price to boot
  4. Breakfast Buggy

    Slingshot 9 mt rev
  5. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    Thanks Mez Indeed i will
  6. Ozone Method 6.5M

    Another well writen reveiw 👍
  7. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    Deflated my time at kingston will only be a few days as a close friend has passed away hoping to hit the road thursday arvo arrive friday arvo and go on the 17th to be back home life is short people make sure you dont go to bed wishing you have done something just get out and cram as much as possible in our short lives
  8. Canberra Buggying

  9. Canberra Buggying

    Dont miss kingston @BobM
  10. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    Haha Game on my borat suit might get a cameo hahaha
  11. Sore finger before looking haha
  12. Combo allen key come screw driver bit me being stubborn used it but
  13. Hope full new R1 V2 quiver come on santa
  14. Between hiding reading instructions and mozzie repelent in my eyes wtf
  15. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    To say im hanging for Kingston is a understatement im frothing