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  1. Big Daddy Deluxe!

    Ive got 2 of them they are great been out a few times happy for the cost
  2. Soloshot 3

    Has any got one yet
  3. Friday buggy session

    His sudden movement at vital moment Haha starting to feel like the fluffer for rob had another cracker session this morn old boy was again at his best pulling hi 60 clicks
  4. Friday buggy session

    And im toasted Not happy the old boy pulled over 50 km distance next to no time still got a long way to go for me
  5. New wardrobe

  6. New wardrobe

    So joel with what looks like near a full clean out! what might you be bringing this year to kingston ?
  7. Another Jean Baptiste PG gem!

    Thats unbeliveable Im speechless !
  8. Louth Bay Gt Buggy

    The guru at work old mate is seriously fast i like to think im fast but every time any direction out guns me
  9. Landsegler Beach Discwheels

    We got both front ends and goose necks at the same time
  10. Landsegler Beach Discwheels

    @Jase Shepperd
  11. Louth Bay GT Buggy run

    Nar its just easier to see him when he needs me to help him out of the trees he out gunned me nearly every run it felt fast but think the beach racers are costing me with outright speed thats where the pizza cutters come i to play
  12. Louth Bay GT Buggy run

    First go on a foil kite aka chooks tractor hard to stop but nice
  13. Venus Bay run

    South australia ??
  14. Wanna Dunes GT Buggy Take 2

    I can fit 2 in the back of my car plus.one on the back