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  1. Venus Bay Session

    Video looks great Mark. Goid to see the drone makes fir some great shots. Yes Chook I use a Wichard attached to the harness and I generally add a metal ring where the chicken loop would normally be. Has always worked well for me though I very rarely actually use the safety.
  2. Another Jean Baptiste PG gem!

    And another. . . As usual better than the last. .
  3. Venus Bay run

    Got a low-wind run at Venus bay yesterday and it was GREAT! The wind was dead on which opened up the whole of the bay (all 20 plus km of it), and although the tides weren't really low, there was still plenty of beach to be had. Interestingly I had more dog attention than usual - I think because the kite is black and looks more like a huge bird of prey. Fortunately I was going pretty slow when I nudged the Collie. As for the Jack Russell - he just took one look at the kite and ran . . . and ran . . .and ran. The Spleene was every bit the low-wind monster all the reviews indicate. Hope the video gets you in the mood!
  4. Wanna Dunes GT Buggy Take 2

    Looks like an awesome spot. Buggies in dunes are SOOO MUCCHHHH FUNNNN!! :-)
  5. Pretty sure Nigel got in the low 80's and ChrisItaly wasn't far behind. Rob was out for a while on a 3 metre LEI and decided it was a bit hairy. I spent most of the day repairing lines that kept breaking on a 3.8 metre kite that I was struggling to stay in the buggy under. It was very windy (30 knots plus) most of the day and gusty too:-). Unfortunately cross-on (way more cross than on but enough wind to tac your way back up the beach). fun for all! I'll let the guys post their actual speeds.
  6. Hi Trevor. You will be missed down at Sandy Point this year. Hope life is less challenging for you next year. Take care.
  7. May work better for all of us as the forecast is great for Saturday right around lunch time. BTW we are having the barbecue where and roughly what time Friday evening?
  8. Hey Trevor, Sorry to hear your news. If you're not in the UK perhaps a buggy might be the best distraction. I should be able to bring biscuits, dips and some cheese. I've scrolled through but attention to detail clearly isn't my forte . . . the barbecue is on Sunday?
  9. New Kiting spot (Melbourne)

    Should be around another hour or so
  10. New Kiting spot (Melbourne)

    I'm heading over to Dingley this afternoon for a chilled out buggy session. If you're nearby call-by. :-)
  11. Welcome Olivia to XK!

    Awesome news. Congratulations to both of if you! 😊
  12. Baknarring beach today

    I'm thinking of heading down to Baknarring beach today for a lunch time landboard. At present it looks pretty windy but I'm hoping it will ease a little (keen for some sand time. . . never satisfied). Definitely looks like a gloves day! If anyone's interested please get in contact.
  13. Snowkiting VIC 2017

    Yes Mavic. Unfortunately we forgot the phone so the Falls footage was all shot off the basic controller which is a pain as you lose all the camera control settings :-( . Next time we won't forget.
  14. Snowkiting VIC 2017

    Nathan and I managed to squeeze in a couple of days at Mt Buffalo and Falls Creek last weekend. It was great to get the dust off the gear and we are now planning some more trips before the snow disappears. Hope you enjoy the footage :-)
  15. Count me in . . . though I still have a lot to sort out before then :-)