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  1. Hi All, Thought it was about time I uploaded some content. This was shot on a weekend of snowkiting back in September 2017 . . . yes I am a bit slow when it comes to editing 🙂 Light conditions but great snow. It was my son's first time on a snowboard / snowkiting and he is now hooked!
  2. DrWind

    Super Tracks - video

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Soooo many new angles. And it looked like you were moving pretty fast. My son has a Fusion and I know how much can be involved with editing. Well done. You've set the bar very high. Sorry to hear about our camera.
  3. DrWind

    Bye Dad.

    Sorry to hear this news. A sad loss for everyone.
  4. DrWind

    Beachracers on Sysmic rims - sold

    You don't by chance have front forks to fit floating around do you? I am running middi's on an S2 and believe I would need the larger front fork kit to accommodate a big foot wheel on the front (correct me if I am wrong).
  5. DrWind


    Mmm. Impressive photography. Could be a variation of crop circles. I imagine a beach would make a nice landing surface for an alien spacecraft!
  6. DrWind

    Shout out to all the regulars....

    Hey Mary. Nice to hear from you. Last buggy was about 3 weeks ago at Balnarring beach which was fun. Have been juggling between kitesurfing, foilboarding, mtb riding, sailboarding, motorbike riding and paragliding. Too little time for too many (mainly wind based) intetests. Would be out on the buggy this weekend but the wind just isn't cooperating. Looking forwards to catching up soon.
  7. DrWind

    Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    I'm leaning towards Venus Bay given the direction and the fact that I've got to be back early. May or may not see you down there ☺
  8. DrWind

    Yet another windy day...

    I feel for you Mez. Just to rub it in I managed to get out Friday evening for some kite foilboarding in around 20 knots, went sailboarding on Saturday in 20-30 knots, and then kitesurfing again on Sunday in a good 25 knot Southerly. I chalked this up as a good weekend with some mountain bike riding thrown in for good measure! Love this time of year :-)
  9. DrWind

    Dingley Reserve Night fly.

    Superload was at cnr of Dingley bypass and Warragul at 6am this morning (so out of the way).
  10. DrWind

    Dingley Reserve Night fly.

    Will try to be there with lights on
  11. Candide adds another to his folio! Some nice dune buggying locations within :-)
  12. DrWind


    Try again :-)
  13. DrWind

    Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    It's not the wind I'm concerned about on Saturday, more the rain forecast which is pretty heavy to say the least (up to 15mm). Me thinks Sunday might be a better option.
  14. DrWind

    Christmas Day Snowkiting

    Love the exclamations! Looks like a great spot and some awesome riding :-)
  15. DrWind

    Seal Encounter

    Hi All. Thought you might find this interesting:
  16. DrWind

    Venus Bay Session

    Video looks great Mark. Goid to see the drone makes fir some great shots. Yes Chook I use a Wichard attached to the harness and I generally add a metal ring where the chicken loop would normally be. Has always worked well for me though I very rarely actually use the safety.
  17. DrWind

    Another Jean Baptiste PG gem!

    And another. . . As usual better than the last. .
  18. DrWind

    Venus Bay run

    Got a low-wind run at Venus bay yesterday and it was GREAT! The wind was dead on which opened up the whole of the bay (all 20 plus km of it), and although the tides weren't really low, there was still plenty of beach to be had. Interestingly I had more dog attention than usual - I think because the kite is black and looks more like a huge bird of prey. Fortunately I was going pretty slow when I nudged the Collie. As for the Jack Russell - he just took one look at the kite and ran . . . and ran . . .and ran. The Spleene was every bit the low-wind monster all the reviews indicate. Hope the video gets you in the mood!
  19. DrWind

    Wanna Dunes GT Buggy Take 2

    Looks like an awesome spot. Buggies in dunes are SOOO MUCCHHHH FUNNNN!! :-)
  20. Pretty sure Nigel got in the low 80's and ChrisItaly wasn't far behind. Rob was out for a while on a 3 metre LEI and decided it was a bit hairy. I spent most of the day repairing lines that kept breaking on a 3.8 metre kite that I was struggling to stay in the buggy under. It was very windy (30 knots plus) most of the day and gusty too:-). Unfortunately cross-on (way more cross than on but enough wind to tac your way back up the beach). fun for all! I'll let the guys post their actual speeds.
  21. Hi Trevor. You will be missed down at Sandy Point this year. Hope life is less challenging for you next year. Take care.
  22. May work better for all of us as the forecast is great for Saturday right around lunch time. BTW we are having the barbecue where and roughly what time Friday evening?
  23. Hey Trevor, Sorry to hear your news. If you're not in the UK perhaps a buggy might be the best distraction. I should be able to bring biscuits, dips and some cheese. I've scrolled through but attention to detail clearly isn't my forte . . . the barbecue is on Sunday?
  24. Hi All, I'm new to posting on the site though I admit I have been 'stalking' ExtremeKites for some time. I am a self-confessed addict when it comes to various kite sports, and have been for close to 15 years (snow kiting, kite buggying, landboarding, kitesurfing, kite skating, and more recently foilboarding - and some KAP and KAV). Thanks to all members for years of fascinating posts I wanted to let everyone know about a new kiting spot I've found in metro Melbourne. I figure new spots rarely emerge in the residential area so it's worth a post. The location is Spring road Dingley - easiest entry point I have found is just near the intersection with Seaton Drive. I have been kite buggying there the last two weekends and have loved it. From what I can tell it is best on a NE or SW wind, yet there is enough space for it to work in any direction. You get undulating hills with reasonably flat grasslands (possibly flat enough for landboarding, though I haven't yet tried). It would be roughly 300 metres wide by 750 metres long. It looks and feels like the old Windows desktop picture. The only challenges for now are that all the boundary fences haven't yet been removed, and there remain some landfill gas removal obstructions that are far enough apart to be reasonably easily avoided, but would not be good to run into. Given the variable terrain there are plenty of challenges (variable pitches and variable wind strength depending on your position). I hope to see some of you there, and also hope everyone will keep safe and respectful of the site as this could become a great communal pace for kite users to meet - especially for people who live in metro Melbourne. Happy kiting!