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  1. The Block 2017

    !?!? what ever Joel.
  2. Alex Sanz - Longest Kite Replies in History thread

    Alex is a great guy when you want to talk kites and the design of kites. Seriously, he knows a lot about kites, arc-kites, foils, Peter Lynns and old very old single skins. I admire him for that, and I will always keep my ears pricked for when he discusses the pros and cons of a kite BUT!!! Yeah - his alter ego and "check me... I know more than you... f you..." tone in his responses leaves a lot to be desired. Mind you, I tend to do the same... and I am my own worst enemy. But... slowwwwly I am seeing the errors of my ways. Back on topic though. Alex was in Sri Lanka, came to OZ for a while and went back to Spinoza and is now going over to South America. Where he gets the money for these trips - I have no idea. Maybe he made a fortune whilst being one of the Gladiators on TV back in the 90s? If there is one thing I would not do when I go overseas, is treat people with any ill-convinced assumptions about what the "women" there are like and his sexist "not so easy" complaining and whining. One day - he'll be pooing with a black eye. So Alex, if you're reading this - I admire your spirit, determination and passion (obsession?) over kites and anything wind powered, but as I posted on your FB posts - please man... be a gentleman and you'll find her one day.. I know you will and suddenly I know you will never be the same again.
  3. The Block 2017

    I had a feeling that same meme from Seabreeze would end up here. Now I know the alias you use there!
  4. Alex Sanz - Longest Kite Replies in History thread

    Alex - you're awesome man, but this thread takes the cake!
  5. Nice low wind session from Kris Beech

    I wonder what the wind was really like? "low" - yeahhh riiighhhtt...
  6. The Block 2017

    No one gives a shit?
  7. Peter Lynn Waterfoil 5.6

    Great idea. That's what I'll do
  8. The Block 2017

    Some of you may have seen the final last night, and pondered about the property market on these "high end" properties. Huegh's bought the winning property #5 from Josh and Elise and they've pocketed and won over $500k overall. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the other properties, but everyone walked away with some coin - decent amount of coin never the less. What was, yet the same situation in all of these shows, is that the bidders are predominantly buyer's agents. No one else - except for one bloke at the back, raised their paddles to place a bid. The fact that buyers - real fair-dinkum buyers are there to buy the properties, are using buyers agents is a testament to how well and worthwhile a buyers agent is worth their weight in gold. They handle the process from beginning to end, and all you have to do as a client, is say yes or no to the bids or the negotiating process. We used a buyers agent to buy our home and it was the best thing we did. No agency BS, sweet talking, legal jargon, etc... our buyers agent did the lot and we had the keys handed to us in the end. Cannot recommend them enough. ps... I think Scott Cam should have kept his bogan mouth shut when the agents came in for directions. He has zero property experience and blew chances of a negotiation with that Nicole buyers agent lady.
  9. Axis aluminum foil

    Would love to see a video of it, with you riding it Kami.
  10. SHOP - Flysurfer ex Demo Kites & Boards

    Just curious James, these Sonic kites are like the Ferraris of kites in the kite surfing scene, especially with TT riders. Would you agree the 9m Sonic 2 is equivalent to say a 14 or 15m LEI hybrid kite in terms of low end and power? If not, would you say the FS Boost 15m is like the 17m Dyno for example? I am just curious what the low end of these magnificent kites are like for say someone around 85kg?
  11. Peter Lynn Waterfoil 5.6

    OK. I am making progress here. I've made a line plan but I stupidly measure one set of lines and thought they were all the same from there. No, each line has different lengths. So more time to measure them needed (not years I can assure you !!). Any tips on how to quickly measure lines with a measuring tape? I am just simply measuring one section, hold the tape and line together and stretch out more tape, and repeat... is that ok? Thanks
  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Yeah I can't wait to see it, but I hope Luke doesn't become the alpha-male hero and suddenly shaven looks 20 years younger, and fighting like his dad did. I hope he becomes more like Yoda was and tells that pesky little girl to leave him alone.
  13. My Pansh Aurora 15 is here

    !!! Gosh were their kites that bad!? Sad to hear you've left the sport entirely though. Take care... I hope things in Spain settle down soon.
  14. My Pansh Aurora 15 is here

    So @agriarte, how happy are you with the A15? PANSH have a 50% sale at the moment, and I am debating between the A15 or the Aurora II. I am selling my Auroura 1 if anyone is interested or make me an offer.
  15. Flysurfer Speed5 12M

    select * from tblKites where KiteMaker = 'flysurfer' and kitemodel = 'speed5' and kitesize = '12' That should help you.