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  1. Video Les Hemmes

    Thanks Nigel! The rims are anodized, the hubs painted and the spokes are covered by black plastic tubes, called spoke covers (usually for motocross).
  2. Video Les Hemmes

    A new video from Ouddorp in Holland:
  3. Grandfathers Axe

    I bought a used GT Race Rapide in 2016 and changed all parts step by step within the last 2 years: - seat - Rapide++ frame and axle - numberplates - bolts for the wheels - tube, fork and mudguard - new cadcats - new duros The only part left from my old Rapide is the selfmade bellyplate. It´s definetly not my old buggy! :-)
  4. Grandfathers Axe

    The good old Theseus paradox :-)
  5. Video Les Hemmes

    Old video - new cut:
  6. Sonic2's Smoking Chooks

    Same place, but more wind for plummet
  7. Sonic2's Smoking Chooks

    btw, the link to that video has been changed:
  8. Video Les Hemmes

    Yes, its a Cooperkites Motor. http://www.cooperkites.de/
  9. Video Les Hemmes

    A cold january-day at Les Hemmes: https://youtu.be/nuEZFXhpP5E
  10. The Need For Speed

    I can recomment the 100% goggles. Good quality, not expensive and cheap replacement lenses.
  11. The Need For Speed

    100km/h on a beach without goggles? RESPECT!!!
  12. Video Les Hemmes

    The link has been changed: https://youtu.be/miv0hMEnunM The link has been changed:
  13. Video Les Hemmes

  14. Video Les Hemmes

  15. Video Les Hemmes

    part2: https://youtu.be/Dke--IqOmeM