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  1. WTB: Peter Lynn Charger II - 12m or close to it ideally

    Also a synegy 8 for sale few repairs. $200, .
  2. Ozone Explore

    NZ. foxton at mo . Winds crap lately. 9 been sent back swapping for a 4. 6 mtr pulls well for size no need for bigger in dunes.
  3. WTB: Peter Lynn Charger II - 12m or close to it ideally

    Got a PL charger 3 12 for sale , as new hardly used and bought new. Been replaced with phantom. In. NZ
  4. Ozone Explore

    I've got a 6 and 9 . Love the 6 but 9 doesn't suit as they are for sand dune only buggying and want a faster turn speed. Dunes are tight here. I'm going to trade 9 back for a 4 mtr. As far as power, awesome. Low end grunt is good. Good wind range and depower. Been using modded PL singles for a couple of years but now want depower.
  5. Moose Meet details

    what day you hittn the beach up there . keen for a buggy at foxton on sunday . theres some k surf race on down there.
  6. lookn for PL phantom 2 12 or 15 in good nick or new if price is right.
  7. Peter Lynn Uniq Quad 4.5M2

    Giving uniq quads a lower angle of attack by altering bridle lenghts and putting rods in the L/E (like the paragliders) make it fly alot better and has low end power like nothing else. in standard form flying it standing in paddock it flew well but hook into a buggy and was another story being very stally and wouldnt punch ahead. ive tried a 2.5 with same mods and went very well.