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  1. GT-Race Buggies

    That's what i imagined, very cool. The lower disk is about half the thickness of the main crown and there is also a smaller disk at the lower bearing also?

    Agreed, have fun.

    Ordering by number sounds like a fast food combo or a Chinese food order.
  4. GT-Race Buggies

    I have questions about the fork with the flush bolt. It is a beautifully slick looking design. What diameter is the bolt? Is the top fork crown plate 6mm (1/4" thick)? Is there a smaller diameter washer or cut disk below it that is welded from below? How thick is this lower washer. Do the bearings have reducers? Are there other features that I am missing?
  5. rear mudguards/flaps

    I saw someone with standard barrows who used a section of the bottom of a bucket or plastic drum.
  6. Born-Kite LongStar 2

    I believe this is ocean shores kites. U.S.A., Pacific Ocean, Washington state, Ocean Shores (city). I'm proud to say that this is my "local shop" that started it all for me. Andy, the owner is a good guy. I love that place. It's the best brick and mortar kite shop that I have been into. http://www.oceanshoreskites.com/
  7. Flysurfer Peak 3

    I also saw this video on pkf.
  8. Where did it all start for you?

    Started with a few stunt kites, then a symphony 2.2, and a hq rush pro 350. Ran into an old friend of my dads that used to fly a lot. Expressed interest in bigger power foils. Picked up a quadrfoil 5 and 7 for cheap (he also gave me numerous handles and lines for 4 line stuff). Bought a flexifoil Navarro buggy. I eventually bought a bunch of other kites to fill holes in the smaller kites in the quiver. Was given a pair of custom sand skis by my dad's friend. Now i am getting bigger kites and would like to get a bigger buggy. Its all a case of "N+1" with kites and gear. I love it, wish I could have more flying time. I have met some great people doing it.
  9. I usually carry a smaller foil in my cars, either my 1.5M or 2.5M HQ alpha. (I would also like to get a small-medium single skin kite to also carry with me.) I hope for high wind days after work and hope that nothing else comes up so I can get out and fly for a little bit. I am wondering how many of us carry a kites randomly in our cars, just in case? If you do, what style, brand or size do you carry. Do you carry stunt kites, foils, single skins, lei's? How often are you able to take advantage of this? Eric