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  1. Dingley Reserve Night fly.

    Dingley Reserve Melbourne.
  2. Dingley Reserve Night fly.

    Lets welcome in the New Year with a fly. Plan is start at 4pm this Saturday till 9pm. Bring along your kites and stick a LED on it. Even if you dont have kite lights bring your torch. Dinner will most likely be a Maccas run. Lets dust off some of your ripstop. See you there.
  3. Dingley Christmas Fly

    A few pics from todays fly at Dingley.
  4. 6 or 5.5mm carbon tubes

    The 580s will be fine.
  5. 6 or 5.5mm carbon tubes

    12 x 600mm. Either size or close to Kevin.
  6. Anyone know where l can get these. Have run out and need more?
  7. What the??????

    Prototype 2.0.
  8. What the??????

    Finished product. Prototype 1. 20171030_105038.mp4
  9. What the??????

    Working prototype. 20171029_172846.mp4
  10. What the??????

    Yeup. Turn a fidget spinner into somthing that can be used.
  11. What the??????

    Anyone going to hazard a guess?
  12. Quad leading edge mesh

    Works great Kevin. Great job. Yes they suck if flown backwards without it. I have tried.
  13. Melbourne Cup Fly Day.

    He has so many frequent flyer points @nigel dont need to cover the freight. So l guess its all on you now Nigel. Seeing as you said you would pay for him. Look forward to seeing him there.
  14. Quads heading north

    Now thats a nice looking unit.👍
  15. Melbourne Cup Fly Day.

    If you put up the money for his flights and accommodation im sure he would. @nigel sure Kathleen would approve.