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  1. Dingley Christmas Fly

    A few pics from todays fly at Dingley.
  2. 6 or 5.5mm carbon tubes

    The 580s will be fine.
  3. 6 or 5.5mm carbon tubes

    12 x 600mm. Either size or close to Kevin.
  4. Anyone know where l can get these. Have run out and need more?
  5. What the??????

    Prototype 2.0.
  6. What the??????

    Finished product. Prototype 1. 20171030_105038.mp4
  7. What the??????

    Working prototype. 20171029_172846.mp4
  8. What the??????

    Yeup. Turn a fidget spinner into somthing that can be used.
  9. What the??????

    Anyone going to hazard a guess?
  10. Quad leading edge mesh

    Works great Kevin. Great job. Yes they suck if flown backwards without it. I have tried.
  11. Melbourne Cup Fly Day.

    He has so many frequent flyer points @nigel dont need to cover the freight. So l guess its all on you now Nigel. Seeing as you said you would pay for him. Look forward to seeing him there.
  12. Quads heading north

    Now thats a nice looking unit.👍
  13. Melbourne Cup Fly Day.

    If you put up the money for his flights and accommodation im sure he would. @nigel sure Kathleen would approve.
  14. Melbourne Cup Fly Day.

    Just found out Trevor Reeves is going to Dingley. He does amazing applique work. Worth coming just to see his work.
  15. Surf Coast Kite Festival

    Jo does an amazing job to get all these kites ready. And kids do love them. Think she said she made over 200 kites for the day. Great job @Jo Baker.