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  1. Karl G Lapwood

    Ozone 9M frenzy V10

    Hey, looking for this specific model:- 9M Frenzy V10 ive ordered two wrong bridle sizes, so now I guess I’ll double down and try to find the right kite for what I’ve got coming. Please let me know if you have this kite lying around and want to move it on. or, if you want a bridle set for it. lapwood@gmail.com
  2. Karl G Lapwood

    'vintage' snowkiting pics and video

    Cool to see the lift running through what is now snowkite territory. Looks like there was also a lift running up the Y's? is that correct? geez it must have been steep. I was up at Falls creek at the start of the month, the day after the skifield closed they had 40cm dump. Was fun, cant wait for next winter already!