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  1. Born-Kite StreetStar

    Sold with bar can be used with other kites
  2. Born-Kite StreetStar

    no but it didnt work with streetstar on 10 meter lines no way to steer i hav used the ergo bar with genesis 8m it works too but i had low wind , hav to try again the problem with close cell kites on land is that you hav to pack when you cant sail further a single skin kite is beter for that today was more paddling than kiting , btw i do both together in low winds Fat kite on land is mext next aim it would extend the range of my sessions i could sail 20 KM downwind then pedal back
  3. Born-Kite StreetStar

    ergo bar pansh adam 4,5 i hav fun riding 20 KM on paths and roads and paddling upwind today less wind i used the street star 6
  4. Born-Kite StreetStar

    Short lines plus ergo bar gives the ability to keep sailing when wind drop down , like you would do with a kitewing but with no weights..
  5. Born-Kite StreetStar

    Ergo bar steers my nasa 13 m no lines could be sold per se Stefan has really invented something new and fonctional
  6. Born-Kite StreetStar

    the depower works very easely i prefer to use harness it helps to steer compare with kitewing
  7. Born-Kite StreetStar

    Ergo bar nasawing
  8. Born-Kite StreetStar

    Very fast! We dont hav big size street star until now street star has a great bar but sail position is problem i found not always easy to put the sail where it should be and stay ! the problem may be solved with a bigger bar or a Keystone bar
  9. Born-Kite StreetStar

    I hav managed to change the Y front lines in V
  10. Born-Kite StreetStar

    Harness plus fat bike the 6 m works on grass from 3 beaufort. Like riding à horse
  11. Born-Kite StreetStar

    Yes next i want to try thé ergo bar with thé nasa Street star would be easy with sup ergo bar plus single Skin is thé perfect combo
  12. Born-Kite StreetStar

    I hav compared street star 6 and npw9 7;6 Nasa has more power and speed upwind is a little batter with star street star would hav a better control without bar but the Y front line has to become a two lines and it reqires a dismont howether this ergo bar is a great improvment , so simple to use
  13. Born-Kite StreetStar

    I had a little more wind. You can really steer the wing in any direction with the ergo bar Paraskilflex mode works to, i will use the kite on my sup this week end
  14. Born-Kite StreetStar

    Today i hav flown my npw9 7,6 m (packs smaller than streetstar) with 10 m lines and landpaddle stick as bar. It works ! Hop to do the same with the streetstar A wiew of the stick no lines.:
  15. Born-Kite StreetStar

    .i hav found a way to have a good profile under lines , a rope instead the original bar i think it will work also with dépower bar.