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  1. Jase Shepperd

    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Hi guys. Always keen for a meet and fly. Keeping an ear to the thread to see what dates are being put around for this meet. I know Rob Lukin has finally got his new car organised and is waiting on hand controls to be fitted for him. Needs to do a shakedown trip anyway. He also has to go to Melbourne soon and would probably be keen on a buggy if there was a meet happening.
  2. Jase Shepperd

    Taken out

  3. Giving the Chrono 11m a fly in 3-5knots 5DB4CCBE-DAC4-44AE-9C62-A94816A14EBD.MOV
  4. Jase Shepperd

    Bye Dad.

    Sorry to hear Joel and family. Cancer is a vicious demon that spares very few. My journey is only just starting.
  5. Jase Shepperd

    Landsegler Beach Discwheels

    One day 🙄🙄
  6. Side view just for you Doug..bit of reflection just to confuse you too 😁
  7. Wonder why my left leg was a bit wobbly when I landed a bit hard last year. Think all that was holding it to my body was a bit of muscle and skin, as left hip still attached to leg instead of pelvis.
  8. Jase Shepperd

    Shout out to all the regulars....

    Totally strung out waiting for a ride. Bloody wind been missing, barely 10 knots most days. Making me heaps jealous seeing others getting a ride. Especially our friends overseas. Apart from that all ok, some days a bit slower than others 🙄. Hope everyone else going good 😁👍
  9. Jase Shepperd

    Louth Bay Drone chasing GT Buggies

    Just a little taste of todays action with Rob Lukin via some drone footage captured by a friend... Absolute awesome day and some great footage to go through (4 GoPro Camera's and the drone...... going to be a long night)
  10. Jase Shepperd

    Quik Buggy at Fisheries

    Rob and I got a quick buggy in at Fisheries Bay the other day... Not the best of winds but a rides a ride .. Post a video up soon
  11. Jase Shepperd

    Belated birthday ride

    Rob and I finally got a ride in on Monday. Good wind around 20kn SE. Totally hot as soon as you hit the track and equal both ways. Had a great ride for a couple of hours, was low tide but wind pushed a fair bit of water onto the track.... Made for some interesting moments aquaplaning at 60km/h plus.. Still managed to crack a 70km/h tho..... woo hoo. Rob was on his 7m Ikon Blind and I grabbed his 5m Blind as the 6m Slingshot kept deflating, need to replace the inflate valve. Been no wind since so bloody happy we got that ride in... awesome day.
  12. Jase Shepperd

    Happy Birthday Jase

    Cheers Joel... only thing I can afford for the buggy at the moment is a wash..... kids and school do that 😪 would love to try one of the new Slingshot Phantom kites though. Might be just what we need for those low wind days 🤔
  13. Jase Shepperd

    Happy Birthday Jase

    Thanks guys... been no good wind lately 😪. hope to get a ride in next couple of days 🤞
  14. Jase Shepperd

    3 Day Buggy Spree

    We’ll try and get a ride in for you 😜. No charge this time for the airtime wear on kite and tyres 😂