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    Flying! Commercial pilot and flying instructor, RC gliders and now dual line kites!

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  1. Jason McMahon

    Welcome to Sport Kiting!

    I have put it on the calendar! Hopefully should be able to get down there for a look. I have been looking into slack line tricks, mainly just finding and bookmarking youtube videos. I have been chatting on the kitelife forums a bit before I found this one. I am slowly trying to learn one step at a time. Next time out I hope to work on the moves in Dodd's 6 step learning/practice video.
  2. Jason McMahon

    Welcome to Sport Kiting!

    Hi Nigel, At the moment I've only tried a couple of my local ovals and the beach at Carrum. I'm hoping to get to slackline tricks, I have been working on just getting the hang of keeping the kite up in the air! I have a good supply of YouTube links that I will be referring back to as I improve my skills. I didn't know that there was a kite festival in Rosebud... when is it?
  3. Jason McMahon

    Welcome to Sport Kiting!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to dualies/kiting in general, I have a Prism Quantum that I am just starting to play with. I'm looking for good places in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne to go flying. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Jason.