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  1. techno


    Well i think it's about time i added to this thread with my only recorded speed. i did this speed in my V-MAX behind my 12m PL Synergy in i would have to say about 15nots at Sandy point 7/3/09.
  2. techno


    Return of Mayday could also mean the return of Me. Have been wanting to get back to Anna bay flying, snapped my AC joint last time I was there.
  3. techno

    Extreme Kites Canberra Social Night #1

    What snow are you going to kite on Paul? the snow is very patchy nothing really to go kiting on.
  4. techno

    Extreme Kites Canberra Social Night #1

    Count me in Andy ill be there. Just me.
  5. techno

    all up for grabs

    YES THEY ARE, i have one kite and one buggy left.
  6. techno

    all up for grabs

    yes it is still up for grabs, i have no idea what the freight would be that would depend on where it was going.
  7. techno

    all up for grabs

    The V-Max has wide wheels and wide rear axle it also comes with a gear bag by buggybags. I am dropping the price to $800 + Freight Happy Days
  8. techno

    all up for grabs

    Photos see link below http://www.extremekites.com.au/gallery/ ... back+rest/
  9. techno

    all up for grabs

    thats no fun
  10. techno

    all up for grabs

    Hi Guys Yes im selling all my gear. 1 V-MAX.........................$1000 no less 1 PL V2 13m....................SOLD 1 PL Rebbel 3.5m..............$150 1 PL Rebbel 5.0m..............SOLD 1 access 6m....................SOLD Plus freight on top of all price's i think i have more, ill take some photos and post over the next 2 weeks. As for price only the best offers will be considered as im really reluctant to sell. PM or Email me Happy Days Ben
  11. techno

    Finally the logo is done

    Look im not condemning the idea of the logo. I just don't want to see the government and or other parties stop us from flying in and around Canberra again, As all of you are still very new to flying in Canberra you have really no idea how much some of us fort to let us keep flying in Canberra (Stew & Andy) have a bit of an idea just what im talking about. So what im getting at is by have a logo people WILL associate you all with a club and that's where it becomes a problem in Canberra this is why you no longer see half the older kiters anymore. but hay at the end of the day you guy's can do what ever you want the only thing i ask is think long and hard about do you really need a logo or anything of the sort to keep on doing what you love.
  12. techno

    Finally the logo is done

    Why don't you guy's just get on with flying and having fun instead of making it into something that is just going to come back and bite you all the ass as it has before. I think if you need a logo or some type of symbol to fly under you have lost site of the reason you fly in the first place. Just have fun and forget about all the bullshit that no longer makes it fun. Happy Days Ben
  13. techno

    Kiting on Lake Burley Griffin

    OK i am one of the guys that kite surf on the lakes in Canberra. Lake Burley Griffin in an north west is great setup at the boathouse restaurant all year winter can get a bit cold LOL very F**KEN cold but with the right wetsuit lots of fun as for the algae i was out kiting in the lakes the hol time the signs were up and i was fine. Lake Ginninderra in an easterly is great setup next to the old water police shack off beissel st in Belconnen most of the guys that once kite surfed here Canberra have moved so i think it only me and two others now So with any luck i mite see you out on the lakes here in Canberra Happy Days Ben
  14. techno

    CKC Jumpers/shirts

    Hi Guy's Can i just say due to a lot of shit that started in Canberra some years ago over Canberra Kiting Club and the politions Can you not use C,K,C Canberra Kiting Club Try C,K,F Canberra Kite Flyers As have a Club in Canberra just starts shit you really don't. Happy Days Ben PS: put me down for a CKF hoody.
  15. techno

    Mountain Board Brakes

    i have some