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  1. Easterly

    Canberra Buggying

    Cheers @Tiger37 Good to meet up with you. I'll keep an eye on the forecast for a Lake George session.
  2. Easterly

    Lake George - Canberra

    Sounds good. See you there!
  3. Easterly

    Lake George - Canberra

    Kambah on Sat sounds good @Tiger37 . Let me know if you head out. Arvo probably works best for me.
  4. Easterly

    Lake George - Canberra

    @Tiger37 Headed out late yesterday. The lake surface is best a few hundred meters out from the rest stop on the right. There is a bit of a crumbling crust which means that it isn't lightening fast, but there is heaps of room. I won't be able to get out again today, but will be keen to get out again over the next week or so. I'll let you know when we get another easterly (or southerly), although it might be possible to buggy a westerly over on the other side. Otherwise I can head down to Kambah to say g'day.
  5. Easterly

    Lake George - Canberra

    Next couple of days look good for the lake with decent winds from the east. I might head out for a look later this arvo.
  6. Easterly

    Sydney Guys

    I was passing through on my way south from Wollongong and stopped off for a look. The wind was pretty light. Good direction. The beach looked really nice. Didn't bother to take my kites out, though. Next time...
  7. Easterly

    Lake George - Canberra

    No worries. It was looking pretty dry today when I went past. I'll post when I head out next.
  8. Easterly

    Lake George - Canberra

    Been a while... Now the summer easterlies are back it might be time to dust off the buggy and try Lake George again. If any of the local crew are interested in heading out it would be good meet up. The lake surface might need a few days of sunshine to dry out after the recent rain, though!
  9. G'day Tiger83,


    I've been busy the last couple of weeks, but have a bit more time at the moment. Let me if you want to catch up for a kitebuggy at Lake George, or I can drop down to Kambah for a kite.



    Paul (Easterly)

    1. Tiger37



      Good to hear from you. I've managed a few sessions at Kambah over the past weeks. Tried yesterday but it was just too gusty - nothing for 5 minutes then 2 minutes of 15 knots!

      we will sadly have to leave catching up for a while as I am heading off to the Grampians tomorrow for a 2 week holiday. I'll get in touch on my return. Look forward to some company when buggying! All the best. 


    2. Easterly


      Cheers Trevor. Have a good trip!

  10. Easterly

    Lake George - Canberra

    Hi @Tiger37, yep, I'm a local. Happy to meet up for a kitebuggy sometime soon. 😀 I'm arranging to meet another kitebuggier I know at LG in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know when we plan head out. I heard that there were Canberra folks at Kingston this year. Were you one of them? I was just up the beach racing a Blokart. Seeing the Kingston kitebuggy vids made me dust off the ancient PL Comp again! It's been a long while.
  11. Easterly

    Lake George - Canberra

    Kitebuggied Lake George today! 😁 Very happy to say that it is usable again. The water has receeded quite a bit, leaving plenty of space for a run. You need to head out a few hundred metres from the southern rest stop to where the brighter green vegetation can be seen. When you get there you'll find a dry, cracked dirt crust with a covering of light weeds. It all looks like grass from the highway, but isn't. There are patches of slightly thicker grass around the place, but there is still a pretty good sized pan of smoother ground available. I found that closer to the highway it is quite bumpy so I headed out a bit. The gates are locked for cars, but walking with the buggy in tow isn't too onerous. Best winds are south to nor'east for the highway side as there is much less turbulence than with Westerlies. This time of year is good for the afternoon 'seabreeze' that kicks in from the east reasonably frequently, arriving mid to late arvo on days with the right conditions. It isn't as smooth as a beach, but you can't beat the feeling of having all of that space to play in!