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  1. Jo Baker

    Surf Coast Kite Festival

    The first ever surf Coast Kite festival is on Sunday 22nd October 2017. Full details can be found on their web page https://surfcoastkitefestival.com.au/ or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/surfcoastkitefestival/
  2. Jo Baker

    Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

    Hello to all our Kite Flying fans!The date for 2018 festival is confirmed as 11 March , and Craig and Deb Hansen, from Peter Lynn Kites in NZ, have just confirmed their attendance once again! Put the date in your diaries and dont miss the next extravaganza of kites in Rosebud on the foreshore. http://rosebudkitefestival.com.au/ https://www.facebook.com/RosebudKiteFestival/
  3. Jo Baker

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    we are coming down for the day on FRIDAy thats tomorrow !!!! Yeaaaaaaaaa hope we dont get blown away.. not sure if we are to late for the dinner on friday... Just two of us at this stage...... Ohhh just read back its the BBQ tomorrow night....... so thats easy... i will bring some stuff..
  4. Jo Baker

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    darren... THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.... soon as he has his degree its top of the list... his mate is interested in starting to fly so trent wants him to come out with us for a day...he gets his lifts from us...
  5. Jo Baker

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    Daren trent may have to much uni work to do... he is considering Sunday ... think it will depend if his mate is free also
  6. Jo Baker

    Peter Lynn Kite Buggy

    we have two buggies for sale... one has been sold but not sure which one he wants yet so will let you know when i catch up with the guy who wants one of them... sorry have been interstae flying kites and will be off to dean this weekend and bondi the next... crazy times... the other buggy is a land lizard... from Highly strung kites... not used much...
  7. Jo Baker

    Footy Grand Final weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct

    will be a day trip for us... not sure if the fri or sat,... we have a job on for the sunday....
  8. Jo Baker

    Dean kite festival

  9. Jo Baker

    Fly Day

    Light winds but great fun and great to meet some new kite flyers.... will be back in 4 weeks after our three kite festivals over the next 3 weeks....
  10. Jo Baker

    Dean kite festival

    Confirmed times are 12 till 4 we aim to get there at 11 to set up the workshop area... Its a small hall and oval... there is food for sale... BBQ and cakes etc.... Actual address is Dean Recreation Reserve 1450 Ballarat-Daylesford Road, Dean, Victoria, Australia 3363
  11. Jo Baker

    Fly Day

    But possible shower today ??? It has NOT stopped raining in frankston fingers and toes are crossed
  12. Jo Baker

    Fly Day

    yes we can bring the power kites we have for sale..... and one of the buggies
  13. Jo Baker

    Dean kite festival

    last year it was 12 till 4 have sent a text to confirm this years time so will post whenI hear back
  14. Single line kite flyer Ian Burell is a VERY active kite flyer who calls Canberra his home. He has a trailer loaded with all sorts of giant kites.
  15. Jo Baker

    Fly Day

    We are planing to take some kites and having a fly afternoon this Sunday afternoon August 20th.. at the Dingley fly field... looking at getting there at around 1 pm for 3 or 4 hours depends how cold it gets.... will be our only opportunity over the next month as we will be heading to Redcliffs Dean and Bondi festivals... Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in... loads of room... I can be contacted on 0412 115 960.