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  1. Dingo

    Moose Meet details

    I´d love to go.... but it´s a bloody long swim.
  2. @Tiger37 I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family Trevor.
  3. @DrWind, thats the plan Chris. An exact time has not been announced. My guess is when we get hungry.
  4. Fine by me. Then I dont have to worry about how to refrigerate 1.7 tonnes of potato salad. BTW... does anybody know how many more sleeps? I would post ... but I dont want to spoil it for tomorrow. LOL
  5. Dingo


    @igeighty your making a kite with wheels??? that should be interessting.
  6. Dingo


    How cool is that?!?! And nice Stihl Blower there too.
  7. Either way and regardless of the weather... it´s going to be a great weekend! I´m willing it to be!!!
  8. Dingo


    Cool! Cant wait to see them!
  9. Dingo


    Hang on a minute.... does that mean you´ve finished Spike without proper announcement?
  10. Dingo

    Old / Spare Micro SD cards

    I might still have one or two. I´ll check. If I do I´ll bring them to Sandy with me.
  11. Dingo


    Because you ran out of room in the bedroom??? LOL
  12. Dingo


    It looks like the cloakroom at a witches sabbath.
  13. And more importantly...... only 6 more sleeps!