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  1. Hi @TristanJ Is the 8 M psycho still up for grabs? I am very interested in buying it if so. Have a 12 meter psycho 4 and just want something for the higher winds! I'm in Melbourne so if you could DM me (I haven't yet made the required 10 messages to Direct message myself) regarding a time to fly/pick up, that would be great. Cheers James
  2. Pansh Ace II 4.0M

    Hi @.Joel ! I think THIS makes post number 5 hahah so if you could pm me, that would be great! cheers
  3. Melbourne landboarding

    @SoutherlyBuster @nigel @bakersdozen Thanks for the replies guys! I've been kiting for the last 5 or 6 years mostly on the mountainboard with a little bit of dabbling in kitesurfing. Been to sandy point a couple of times and 13th a fair bit, I am really keen to find some close (within 1 hour) spots to my current residence in northcote. Seems like altona could be on. I have a 4 meter beamer, a 4.9 flexifoil blade, a 10M flysurfer pulse, and a recently aquired 12M flysurfer psycho, and a zebra mountainboard. Really keen to try some buggying in the near future so I'll have to make it to a meet and pinch someones for a test
  4. Melbourne landboarding

    Hi all I'm new to the forum and keen to meet a few fellow kiters! How many members are from Melbourne? I'm fairly new to Melbourne and am keen to scout some good spots for the mountainboard. What are your recommendations? cheers guys James
  5. Pansh Ace II 4.0M

    cheers mate I'll get onto it!
  6. Pansh Ace II 4.0M

    Hi there Any chance this is still up for grabs @.Joel? cheers, James