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  1. How not to paraglide

    Back when I was hang gliding (in the US), you had to have certification, 4 levels, 5 was instructor. But since it was (is?) self regulating, there wasn't much they could do except kick you off of regulated launches. I never met anyone in 15 years that didn't have a card though. Having said that, there were always people launching at spots or in conditions they shouldn't, and it was up to the other folks around with higher ratings to allow a launch. Pretty much a collective failure at that site At least that spot didn't seem particularly deadly for a paraglider. If that were hang gliders crashing like that no one would be laughing. The fireball from the explosion would take out half the crowd. (ok, no explosions, but there would certainly be a lot of broken bones...)
  2. How not to paraglide

    They need to invest in a weed whacker and chainsaw there. That rotor wrapping around the left is pretty damn sketchy, they should have way more airspeed to cut through that. I noticed there was 1 guy who blew it 3 times in a row... I'd definitely consider revoking his card. At least they had soft landings.
  3. Into Twin Galaxies

    Love the Greenland crossing vids and stories. No desire to actually do it, but enjoy hearing about other's trials and tribulations. Don't love the way they edited this one trying to amp up the pressure "Survivor" style, but the cinematography is top notch. Thanks for posting this @bakersdozen. I ended up watching stuff on that channel until 4am.
  4. Project speed

    That's good to know, thanks! Looking forward to seeing how your monster truck wheels turn out. If nothing else, you'll at least look badass.
  5. Project speed

    Those look spectacular, plummet, hope you find the rest of the set. I recently rigged up my core-90 with granny wheels, thanks to you. But of course - work, weather, etc... haven't had a chance to test it out yet. I'm hoping for a little less face planting in the soft sand. So what holds you back from doing 100kph on the grannies? Do the larger wheels stop the wobblies?
  6. Video Les Hemmes

    Really nice vids, Stinka! (and of course you too, Juan!)
  7. Which pansh kites are worth getting?

    Not sure about flux, but that is definitely the case with Genesis and Adam. Pretty sure I read it in one of the Pansh descriptions. OK - found it - on the Genesis description:
  8. Couple of new builds 2018

    Dang, those are pretty! And I admire your confidence launching them under trees like that. I'd launch one of two ways: directly into the branches, or yo yo right back into my face. Three ways if you combine the two.
  9. kite for beginner

    Hi @Itaipuaçukites I have the 5m flux, I've only had a chance to fly it a couple times, but it's a very good kite for the $$. Having said that, if you take it out into 30mph winds, you will hurt yourself. I got the 5m to use in 8-18mph. Joel is exactly right with his scale - get either the 3m or 4m depending on your weight and local wind. If you go with a depower, you will probably want something in the 6-8m range to start with. Look up rtz on Randy's link above, he has a review I think on his flux experiences. Most kite companies (other than Pansh) give you a wind range for their kite sizes. Below are the ranges for a twister, should be somewhat similar to the Flux. Here's a good explainer for noobs: http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=1985 If you give the folks here some details about where exactly you will fly, wind conditions, how much you weigh they can help you a lot more.