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  1. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    Thanks! I still see Phantom 2's listed on dealer sites ever once in a while, so wasn't sure. It's too bad about the arc decline, great kites. And thanks for keeping that page alive, @Jasper .
  2. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    PL still makes the Charger - v3 released this year. Not sure if they're still making phantom v2, but I think so. Also don't think they're hot sellers any more, unfortunately. I haven't tried mine on water yet, but I love them on land. The phantom v1 in particular is super gentle, makes it great to ride with no surprises...
  3. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    Forgot about the wayback machine... here we go: http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=34469#pid327268 *edit -- haha - I should learn to read before I post... you already added that @andy666 thanks!
  4. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    Heya Andy... we were just talking about this on pkf, and it looks like the images are already down. Any chance you can upload the pdf? Unfortunately I have no clue who's it is - I wonder if he knows how useful that page still is to us diehard arc fans....
  5. Kitesurfing in Brisbane

    Skim board for the way out/back! Beach looks like it'd be fun on ATB and buggy too.
  6. Les hemmes 8 hour 2019

    NZ is super high on the places to visit, and now a personal invitation to the Moose! No way to refuse that.
  7. Les hemmes 8 hour 2019

    In another thread I threatened to show up next year with my ATB. I need @plummet and @bakersdozen to join me and pick up my slack! It does look like a blast though, huh?
  8. Project speed

    And here I was ogling the Revos until the flex fell in my lap. Will still keep an eye out for a set (hard to come by here), as I don't have the tools or skillset you do, and would love to lower the CG on my granny board. Can't wait to see what you do with the race wheels.
  9. Project speed

    Works pretty well Probably more to do with the tire size than the board. But the suspension makes cruising over bumps and carving great. My biggest problem is it's too heavy to haul on the subway...
  10. Project speed

    @bakersdozen and @plummet you guys would like Flexboardz. They're unfortunately not around anymore. They're spectacular for going fast and cruisey turns and very stable, but heavy and not the greatest for jumping. Even though they're pretty solid, I think the weight breaks them if you come down too hard. I think the only difference between the 3 models is the wheel size, the Haize being 9". I was thinking of putting the grannies on it, but no real need right now, the 9" tires work great. Chad (from PKF) has a bunch of old videos kiting with one: https://vimeo.com/37216443 or https://vimeo.com/35670612
  11. Project speed

    Heya @plummet! Did you end up getting the other 2 wheels? Break the sound barrier yet? Have to say, the grannies made a HUGE difference in my comfort level. No more worry about plowing my shoulder into the sand. I've noticed it start to get unstable at around 20-25mph, might need to tighten the trucks even more, or figure out a way to lower the deck. But I've since also acquired a Haize, and can now plow through soft spots AND move fast without wobbles. Amazing cruiser board. No idea what the upper limit on the thing is though, still taking it one step at a time. Pulling for you to bring that speed record back to NZ where it belongs!
  12. Video Les Hemmes

    Love it, Juan. You have great places to play!
  13. How not to paraglide

    Back when I was hang gliding (in the US), you had to have certification, 4 levels, 5 was instructor. But since it was (is?) self regulating, there wasn't much they could do except kick you off of regulated launches. I never met anyone in 15 years that didn't have a card though. Having said that, there were always people launching at spots or in conditions they shouldn't, and it was up to the other folks around with higher ratings to allow a launch. Pretty much a collective failure at that site At least that spot didn't seem particularly deadly for a paraglider. If that were hang gliders crashing like that no one would be laughing. The fireball from the explosion would take out half the crowd. (ok, no explosions, but there would certainly be a lot of broken bones...)
  14. How not to paraglide

    They need to invest in a weed whacker and chainsaw there. That rotor wrapping around the left is pretty damn sketchy, they should have way more airspeed to cut through that. I noticed there was 1 guy who blew it 3 times in a row... I'd definitely consider revoking his card. At least they had soft landings.
  15. Into Twin Galaxies

    Love the Greenland crossing vids and stories. No desire to actually do it, but enjoy hearing about other's trials and tribulations. Don't love the way they edited this one trying to amp up the pressure "Survivor" style, but the cinematography is top notch. Thanks for posting this @bakersdozen. I ended up watching stuff on that channel until 4am.