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  1. jeffnyc

    Sysmic S3

    https://www.revolve-wheel.com Website is the absolute worst sort of corporate hipster technobabble imaginable, but there ya go... foldable wheels. Do like the guy in the video and steal a set off a wheelchair.
  2. jeffnyc

    Yeppoon 2019

    Whoa Chook - those beans worked! More km in one day than I've done since I started! Knew a hang glider pilot that used to attach a catheter tube to a condom for those long flights. If anyone following Chook feels a soothing golden mist, you'll know why... And if you start seeing little speed bumps you'll know his assless chaps and the hole in the seat is working.
  3. jeffnyc

    Landboard Pimping 2

    That is an insanely beautiful board! Really well done.
  4. jeffnyc

    Flysurfer VMG 13^3 - Game changer!

    Wow! That makes a lot of sense now... I was a photo retoucher for a long time, and I could find no trace of editing on those photos yesterday. I seriously couldn't figure out how they did it other than it was real, and I didn't totally believe that - I mean, who would go to all that trouble? Their ad copy on the web page totally cracks me up... "scare the hell out of your competitors" 😁
  5. jeffnyc

    Yeppoon 2019

    Were you also able to find the crab?
  6. jeffnyc

    Hello. newbie Q bout depower kites-

    If that comes with a bar it seems like a great price to me (if it's AU) - looks pretty clean/crispy. And a great kite to learn on. Same age as you, but quite a bit heavier at 85kg. For me the absolute best kite to learn on has been the PL Phantom 1. The auto zenith works spectacularly (you let go of the bar, it makes it's way right to the top of the window), you can let go of the bar and the kite just sits there - great when I was snow kiting and figuring out how to get into bindings, or when trying to balance on your ATB to start. It's also super smooth with power, so you don't get jerked off your board when you're figuring out how to do starts. Since you're 55kg, I'd say a 9m would be a good size if you can find one. My best advice (I started land boarding last year) - if you're riding on sand and there are soft spots (or water), keep your kite high. I just relearned that one recently when a wave grabbed me as the tide was coming in The splash was spectacular. Granny wheels are also a great option if the sand near you is soft and you find yourself plowing in a lot.
  7. jeffnyc

    new buggy spot near Barwon Heads.

    Most of it looks soft, but one section on the south side looks hard.
  8. jeffnyc


    Why on earth would he expect anything other than what happened? I assume no one in the group had ever flown a hang glider or paraglider. Anyway, looked fun
  9. jeffnyc

    Another reason to go to Yeppoon

    I'll bet that thing is pretty impressive when you're sitting under it. Wave didn't look spectacular, but I believe they're building a bigger one, this was just the test to see if it was viable.
  10. jeffnyc

    Another reason to go to Yeppoon

    If there's no wind, you can get squashed like a bug by a giant mad max toilet plunger. Or surf.
  11. jeffnyc

    What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    That's me launching my Speed 3 15m DLX at about :40:00. Wind was perfect all afternoon. But the next day started out really light, I was the first one up with the 21m DLX. So, super light wind, the 21 for sure. Had some of my best rides on that thing this summer. (ATB, not buggy, btw) Cheese flew on his race kites.
  12. jeffnyc

    Moose Pictures

    Dang that looks pretty!
  13. jeffnyc

    WTD: Flysurfer easy line connectors or PANSH variant

    From the man himself: http://www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=1032882#p1032882 The thread got a little confused - I think someone was asking about the ring where the front lines connect (at the V), then folks started talking about the bridle connections. So Armin is talking about bridle connection ELC vs ring vs knot here. He seems to suggest making knots will reduce the breaking strength (makes total sense), but Kami (and I) have suggested pigtails, so that shouldn't be an issue. I still like the tiny rings best, but dang are they expensive.
  14. jeffnyc

    What is this?

    Antenna for the tracking device. Installed by the same folks that put fluoride in your water.
  15. jeffnyc

    Wildwood Buggy Bash

    Thanks @Kamikuza, shrinking totally makes sense. Time to replace the lines on that kite anyway - new line is sitting right here, just need to make time to splice it. Tape is still holding fine on the 21m, used it the next morning before the wind picked up. Phantom is on its way to repair. The one thing I don't do so far is sew, so I'll leave that to the professionals. Amusement parks were closed, was having way more fun on the beach anyway