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  1. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Heh, besides the fact I just like to mess with my equipment, the stupid pricing (that seems to be getting worse!) is a huge motivator. I've finally got a bunch of parts in, but unfortunately work is starting up, so no time to finish building a couple carbon bars I started. But even being able to mod/clean up older bars has been great for me, sort of demystifying all the voodoo around why certain bars work or don't work. Great link to the ozone mixer thread. I remember reading through it a while back, but good to get a refresher. Always find nuggets that relate to all kites reading through those.
  2. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    @Tiger37 - just noticed - you have a mini 5th on that bar - so you need to check that you have a kite length before the mini 5th line attachment for full flag out. It says 6m on the diagram, I have no idea how long your Chrono is. So this gets slightly more complicated if you have to move the splice up and either lengthen or replace the mini 5th. Don't agree that the bar is heinous (will agree it's not the best looking on the market!)... the Nuke chickenloop is supposed to be pretty good, those bar ends aren't beautiful, but I would guess hold up, has LIROS lines, and looks like it has balls and stake rings to grab (can't tell from photos, but there are balls on the diagram). Adding a braking strop would be pretty simple at the ground stake rings (I like the stopper balls myself - strop is ok, but gets in the way sometimes). Would also be super easy to add some oh shit handles if you were so inclined. The cleat looks like it has a magnet attachment for excess rope which is handy, the double stopper ball is fine (I prefer no stopper atm, but I also don't do the kids of loooooong runs you guys do!). On the downside, it does look like it's put together for smaller kites than the Chrono 15 though, so might take a couple mods to make it safe for the 15m. With all the awesome stuff you build, do you not make or modify your own bars @plummet?
  3. Video Les Hemmes

    2:50 - 8 liters of rum, and only 6 liters of coke. I can see you got the formula down. Did the hangover help or hurt the next day in 26 knts?
  4. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Nice idea. I'd imagine the bungee keeps it tight enough that it doesn't flop around and get in the way.
  5. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Yeah - they exist in Europe, just not here. Not too difficult to make with a short flattened screw and a small piece of rubber, and little plastic balls are easy to get at marine stores, so I'm not gonna worry about it. I think it was like 15 or 20 bucks to have one shipped. I don't think I need one that bad Is it an actual 5th line, or did you do the Y to V conversion (Hardware Kiter has some instructions up in various places). I did that to mine, sounds very similar to what you did. I have a bungee that goes from leash/chicken loop, other end attached to ring, front line attached to that. scratch that - I think I used a ball instead, the larks head of the bungee/front line doesn't travel through it, and it is stopped at the ring That's stopped at the V by another ring with the other front line. So ends up a regular old front line flag out. What does your 5th line attach to? I think normally they fold the kite from bridles in the center, which doesn't sound very arc-like. Or did you do a mini-5th part way up the front line?
  6. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Sure thing! I couldn't find a decent stopper ball for my PL Navigator bar (seems the companies that used to distribute them in the US have stopped), so at this point I'm just using it without one. It doesn't matter if your bar slides all the way up, but can maybe cause more twists. On my arcs that's not really a problem, just more pulling to reset.
  7. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    @Tiger37 That bar looks fine. 2 things to check - I would make the throw a bit longer - it says 36cm on the diagram - I *believe* ozone is 40cm. You can even go a bit longer and adjust with the stopper ball if you wanted. If you have long gorilla arms I suggest the longer throw anyway My guess is the Chronos have more depower available than the kites the totem is made for. You'll obv need to make the steering line leaders longer as well to compensate - either add pigtails, or make new, clean leaders. Things start to look pretty frankenstein with all those pigtails. The other is where the kite flags out to on the flag out line. If there's a stopper ball, make sure it's far enough up the line to accommodate the kite size. Pretty sure it's at least one kite length (measure kite tip to tip, then set your stopper up the line at least that distance). So when Kamikuza is talking about the bars working with individual kites, those are the major differences, assuming FLS, 4 line equal. (oh - forgot bar length! - totem is adjustable, so prob you're fine) Flysurfer uses 4.5 line - flag out is to a separate line that's spliced into the 4th line part way up. If that splice isn't far enough up the line, or your stopper ball isn't far enough your kite won't flag out fully. May or may not be a problem. With these systems you only get about 80% anyway (don't quote me on that number, it's something around there), and the full 5 line will be closer to 95%. Or even 100% in the case of the awesome ozone re-ride. That's my man-splaining for the day. (and you probably already know all this, Tiger) Anyone feel free to jump on my sh*t if I got anything wrong
  8. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    You can buy or make equal length pigtails that all end in knots or rings or connectors. What size/color did you get? I *almost* pulled the trigger on an 18, but ended up with Speed 3s instead.
  9. Surfboard

    Damn dude - I just got done going through your foil build thread, and now this. Love the attention to detail - your home projects look fantastic.
  10. Aviator bar setup

    I talked to Cheese last night - I don't have one of those bars, but the general idea with that would be to attach 1 front line to the metal pole, and the other front line to the safety (bungie) on the opposite side it is now. His pic is upside down, but when it's pulled tight (when you're flying) it's stopped at the top of the hole and both front lines are even. The question I had for him is if the hole gets smaller in some way at the top to let the bungie and front line in the hole, but stop the bungie from pulling all the way through. On release, the whole mess gets pushed up the front line by the bar. He also has no stopper on his frontline, so I guess it slides all the way to the kite? Would love to hear from someone who has this bar to see if any of this makes sense. Here's what I mean:
  11. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    Thanks! I still see Phantom 2's listed on dealer sites ever once in a while, so wasn't sure. It's too bad about the arc decline, great kites. And thanks for keeping that page alive, @Jasper .
  12. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    PL still makes the Charger - v3 released this year. Not sure if they're still making phantom v2, but I think so. Also don't think they're hot sellers any more, unfortunately. I haven't tried mine on water yet, but I love them on land. The phantom v1 in particular is super gentle, makes it great to ride with no surprises...
  13. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    Forgot about the wayback machine... here we go: http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=34469#pid327268 *edit -- haha - I should learn to read before I post... you already added that @andy666 thanks!
  14. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    Heya Andy... we were just talking about this on pkf, and it looks like the images are already down. Any chance you can upload the pdf? Unfortunately I have no clue who's it is - I wonder if he knows how useful that page still is to us diehard arc fans....
  15. Kitesurfing in Brisbane

    Skim board for the way out/back! Beach looks like it'd be fun on ATB and buggy too.