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  1. Noel Andrews

    Which size Pansh aurora 2 to buy?

    Bit of an update: had a couple of decent sessions and it’s a great Kite, pulls hard and once it’s moving the apparent wind effect is awesome. For me the main thing is getting used to something so different from my old flysurfers. Ie always having to keep pressure on the bar is probably the single biggest thing. What I plan to do is try and fly it back to back with my 13m psycho 2 at some stage to try and really make a decent comparison. For me the Pansh was considerably cheaper than even a second hand modern flysurfer, so far so good.
  2. Noel Andrews

    Which size Pansh aurora 2 to buy?

    No just standard which is blue.
  3. Noel Andrews

    Which size Pansh aurora 2 to buy?

    Thanks Jason, second hand flysurfers were still coming out at twice the price of the PANSH. 12m Aurora 2 has arrived, quality feels good. one test flight on land so far. Gusty day static flying so not ideal conditions. I will report back once I’ve had some decent flights cheers
  4. Noel Andrews

    Which size Pansh aurora 2 to buy?

    Cheers Andy, have been keeping an eye out for flysurfers but they seem to be rare! theres a 15m sowed 3 deluxe at £400 with worn lines and some holes on eBay at the moment. have pushed the button on the 12m aurora 2 so time to sit back and wait a few weeks then time to try it out!
  5. Noel Andrews

    Which size Pansh aurora 2 to buy?

    Hi all Seen some great reviews and comments on Pansh kites so hope someone can help. Im 83kg, been kiting for 20+ years on and off so very comfortable with Kite handling and control, feeling where it is etc. Always flown foils, older flysurfers like psycho 2 13m mainly. Just trying to decide between aurora 2 10m or 12m. Being on the heavy side I want the wisest possible wind range. Typically use a 140cmx39cm twin tip. Any opinions on wind range or difference between the 10m and the 12m? thanks all Noel
  6. Noel Andrews

    Pansh A15

    This review and detail is fantastic thanks all. very tempted to push the button on a 12m a15 as a much more modern addition to my fly surfer psycho 2 13m. Not sure if it will be too close in range but my hope is that it will give me better range and be a faster kite, If there’s any UK owners here that wouldn’t mind having a chat and maybe a meet that would be awesome. thanks