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  1. skyblue

    Treczoks-Cody Box Kite

    @Chook Putting it mildly...That doesn't seem to be the best way to encourage business! :-( I just don't understand HQ policy. A quick reply with regrets and a pointer to something similar might have made you a customer.
  2. skyblue

    Treczoks-Cody Box Kite

    @nigelThanks nigel, it's pain when a well-known mfr doesn't reply. I've emailed the dealer again just in case an email has gone astray. I saw a T-C last week up high and it looked great, "nailed to the sky" even in a blustery 12 knot wind, so I know the potential is there. Good idea, I'll give HQ USA a go.
  3. skyblue

    Treczoks-Cody Box Kite

    A couple of weeks on from my photo post and I have received zero support from the manufacturer. Not even a reply to two emails sent to them by their dealer! Given the situation I'd strongly advise anyone not to buy the product if they want to avoid a huge disappointment.
  4. skyblue

    Treczoks-Cody Box Kite

    Hi Jason, here's a .jpg image... enlarge it for the best view. If the kite was flown in this condition the mid sections would be collapsed even further so it's an expensive DNF (does not fly) kite at the moment! :-(
  5. skyblue

    Treczoks-Cody Box Kite

    I have recently purchased the same type referred to "HQ Invento" (Treczoks Cody) and the topsail stay has a worse problem now. There is a thin support spar that attaches to a fitting on the mid wing, however the tension on this arrangement distorts the trailing edge of the mid-wing very badly! (in both cells) If any reader has advice on this I'd really appreciate it rather than me having to return the kite to the seller.