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  1. sluggo


  2. sluggo

    Hitler hates Blowkarts

    Hi everybody , haven't been on here for ages . John i apologise for not getting back to you , here is the video . Holidays are around the corner and i will be at south Ballina again this xmas having a fly . Hitler_hates_Blokarters.m4v
  3. sluggo

    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

    Thanks for the info chook . Hopefully the beach has recovered by the time you get over here for Easter .
  4. sluggo

    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

    Glad there were no fatalities up that way Goz , good to hear that you're OK . Have you been in touch with the Faultys at Driftwood . Hope they went OK as well .
  5. sluggo

    Vimeo Music Copyright.

    John if there are any breaks in the music track just insert a sound up from camera . Extend the audio track by a second and the audio thumbprint is different and their programme doesn't recognize it .
  6. sluggo

    Bribie a new

    Hey Mick, we have to have a catch up this summer .
  7. sluggo

    Bribie a new

    Pics ..... Video ........ Any carnage ??
  8. sluggo

    Blowin out the cobwebs . ( video )

    @Plummet , did you not see my graceful dismount ..... I need all that shit on me @ Marty , It was far and above 1 knot , those Vapors pull like a train The video would of looked a lot slicker had Marty contributed some of his own footage , but he is still trying to figure out charging the go pros and actually having a card that has been formatted It's like trying to teach a chicken how to dance , you end up with nothing and you only annoy the chicken . But he's always there to film your stuff ups
  9. Gday all , I haven't been on here for ages , nor have I been bugging for ages . But summer is here and holidays are around the corner . Looking forward to a catch up Andy 666 down Ballina way over chrissie . This is a video that I shot earlier in the year with Marty at Bribie . Had the whole beach to ourselves .
  10. sluggo

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Or if you have just got your tax refund back http://www.dji.com/product/inspire-1
  11. sluggo


    Some very cool shots in there Carl
  12. sluggo

    Flexifoil price check

    Well made kite . Just don't park it at 12 o'clock when you're having a rest . Great fun jumping with it if that's your thing , and little risk of canopy collapse when you're up there .
  13. sluggo

    Where in Brizvegas to live?

    Slarti There are no beaches on the Gold Coast that you can buggy on , the life guards will be on to you quicker than a fat kid on a cupcake . Murrarie is about the only big area that is suitable . Bribie Island is good down at Skirmish point . Northern NSW is an hour away and fantastic beaches .
  14. sluggo

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Easter 2014

    Nice one Andy . Who's dragging the cop car ?? And is that Chook becoming unstuck at the end ??
  15. sluggo

    2 minutes left

    Yeah , nicely put together .