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  1. slide

    Kiteboarding transferring to land boarding

    the first thing you need to do is avoid soft sand , from what I've seen on the vids you have a large choice of some very big beaches
  2. slide

    Flysurfer Speed5 12M

    you guys have some big beaches to play with
  3. slide

    Flysurfer Speed5 12M

    great review joel , are you the same guy that did vids years gone by , iv'e been flying since 2003 , and I remember seeing a joel flying flysurfers in a buggy ,in many vids , I started on flexifoil blades with a work harness , with a roller pully I made myself -much stronger than a petzl one ,I made one for mark everit, and andy preston and I have always flown at Brancaster uk , and I learnt to jump watching the gravity renegades crew in buggies at brannie and I switched to speeds about 2007, speed1 13 and 10 and , and then a few speed 2 's, 2 of which I still have and use a spd2 10 metre delux ,because it is so fast and amazing at everything and a spd2 silver arrow 15 - the cloth is so delicate it scares me after a cancer battle which i'm winning , I have been kiting again , and I have brought 3 new kites , and an old kangoo van , just waiting hear about driving again -8 months now -they have a back log , I have a 6 and 10 soul and a spd 5 15 metre to play with , and I can't wait to get going fully on my own with out getting rides off others
  4. slide

    Kiting Jamie landboarding Flysurfer Speed 5

    nice vid Jamie ,and that is some beach you have to play on I just brought a spd5 15 metre, the last one , and I just got a 6 and 10 soul for a complete quiver, coming back after a brain tumour , i'm 57 and been kite landboarding since 2003 , Brancaster beach , Norfolk, uk , waiting to hear to drive again , I got my small van ready to go and I've been waiting 8 months now , but they have a back log
  5. slide

    Revo Trucks

    please remove the second post , sorry ,i'm still getting use to the forum
  6. slide

    Revo Trucks

  7. slide

    Revo Trucks

    hi spike I have a DX , as you can see I like minimal foot straps , I got a few carbon foot strap brackets off paul heartland (CKB), I have 2 of his decks as well to which I did the same thing as far as foot strap brackets go , very light , heavy duty webbing and carbon brackets, I have 2 CKB decks , LB3, and LB77 , been riding the DX a lot for a couple of years , when I got the DX the rubbers were abit worn , and the steering was loose and sloppy , but I managed to buy a new set off a guy who was selling another DX and had a spare set rubbers , so I brought them and its now how I like it a bit stiff on the steering , I like to slide a lot and get airboune