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  1. slide

    Kiteboarding transferring to land boarding

    the bigger the wheels are really a lot heavier, and weight on the ends is not where you want it for agile landboarding , when you've been to your chosen beach a few times you soon work out where the hard patches are - I have found you need an onshore tide going out and the sun tends to bake the sand a bit as I shines on the beach , and will harden more as you get ready, and stay harnessed in as you do for the water , and as you swipe across for some power to start, don't just lean back , I tend to throw my legs/feet up so you are in the right position when your wheels hit the beach, the first thing you will notice you can not hold as much power as kitesurting , and get ready for lots of sliding ,and sometimes throwing up your feet up is a good way to avoid crashes, if you slightly get it wrong , and never fall forwards train yourself to always fall backwards and land on your bottom
  2. slide

    Kiteboarding transferring to land boarding

    the first thing you need to do is avoid soft sand , from what I've seen on the vids you have a large choice of some very big beaches
  3. slide

    Flysurfer Speed5 12M

    you guys have some big beaches to play with
  4. slide

    Flysurfer Speed5 12M

    great review joel , are you the same guy that did vids years gone by , iv'e been flying since 2003 , and I remember seeing a joel flying flysurfers in a buggy ,in many vids , I started on flexifoil blades with a work harness , with a roller pully I made myself -much stronger than a petzl one ,I made one for mark everit, and andy preston and I have always flown at Brancaster uk , and I learnt to jump watching the gravity renegades crew in buggies at brannie and I switched to speeds about 2007, speed1 13 and 10 and , and then a few speed 2 's, 2 of which I still have and use a spd2 10 metre delux ,because it is so fast and amazing at everything and a spd2 silver arrow 15 - the cloth is so delicate it scares me after a cancer battle which i'm winning , I have been kiting again , and I have brought 3 new kites , and an old kangoo van , just waiting hear about driving again -8 months now -they have a back log , I have a 6 and 10 soul and a spd 5 15 metre to play with , and I can't wait to get going fully on my own with out getting rides off others
  5. slide

    Kiting Jamie landboarding Flysurfer Speed 5

    nice vid Jamie ,and that is some beach you have to play on I just brought a spd5 15 metre, the last one , and I just got a 6 and 10 soul for a complete quiver, coming back after a brain tumour , i'm 57 and been kite landboarding since 2003 , Brancaster beach , Norfolk, uk , waiting to hear to drive again , I got my small van ready to go and I've been waiting 8 months now , but they have a back log
  6. slide

    Revo Trucks

    please remove the second post , sorry ,i'm still getting use to the forum
  7. slide

    Revo Trucks

  8. slide

    Revo Trucks

    hi spike I have a DX , as you can see I like minimal foot straps , I got a few carbon foot strap brackets off paul heartland (CKB), I have 2 of his decks as well to which I did the same thing as far as foot strap brackets go , very light , heavy duty webbing and carbon brackets, I have 2 CKB decks , LB3, and LB77 , been riding the DX a lot for a couple of years , when I got the DX the rubbers were abit worn , and the steering was loose and sloppy , but I managed to buy a new set off a guy who was selling another DX and had a spare set rubbers , so I brought them and its now how I like it a bit stiff on the steering , I like to slide a lot and get airboune