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    Problem Solving

    Found this on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1939-Tony-The-Pony-Hobby-Rocking-Horse-w-Original-Paint-Ivanhoe-CHI-/114007257324 Have a look at the legs and pivot points. Looks like they changed over the years maybe to make then easier to ride for kids or more stable.
  2. jimwi

    Problem Solving

    Google image search mostly try "Hollywood Hobby Horse Harold Lloyd Antique Toy Wooden Ride On Horse" "walking horse" "Hollywood Hobby Horse" this is where i start. A reverse image search can work to if you have a pic I drag and drop in search bar and it will show the same or similar images and go from there. Most search finds are links to antique stores actin houses and E bay. I save all pics/images of things i like and put in a folder " hollywood hobby horse" for later use as most stuff and info we look up is not always there when we want it. Here are some links http://www.oldwoodtoys.com/new_page_31.htm ,https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1929-antique-hollywood-hobby-horse-co-1828327973 https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/3240081_624-harold-lloyd-child-s-hollywood-hobby-horse-c1939 https://www.prices4antiques.com/Ride-On-Harold-Lloyd-Hollywood-Hobby-Horse-Wood-Polychrome-D9886721.html Sorry can't find the link to the under side pic. It must be gone, mite have been e bay but not shore and the revers image search is not working so it mite be gone. I did save some more pics of that horse but the under side was the most relevant.
  3. jimwi

    Problem Solving

    Like Wow Chook You Da Man. That is awesome Thank you. I was looking to see where the push rod from the back leg and the front leg attached. I thought it had a slot in it but was not shore. I was wrong but it all makes sense now. Will have a read and a think and let you know how I go. I found this pic the other day. Chook I don't know what to say you went above and beyond Thank you. JIM
  4. jimwi

    Problem Solving

    Hey Chook Love your work with the walking horse. I'm Jim from Ballarat Vic. I come across this thread in a google search looking for some info on Hollywood walking hose as I'm looking to build one. I saw one at a fair a few years ago but could not get a good look at the under side. I'm looking for a pic of the rocking mechanism and/or some ruff do mentions I would like to know if you could help please. Happy to pay.