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  1. The Duke

    Sea Turtled / safety notice

    Sorry to hear about the whoopsy and your further pain Pete, hope you get well soon. i have had similar experiences with kite/buggy releases over the last 20 years, so I refuse to hot wire to the buggy at all. i have an aircraft seatbelt buckle on my buggy, and I have carried a rescue blade/cutter on me at all times since I added a belt to my buggy. i have used the cutter a couple of times, luckily not in a life threatening situation, but it is definitely a permanent part of my kit. cheers, Dukey
  2. The Duke

    Buggy Modification Question

    πŸ˜‡ yep the buggy would have plenty of traction too John. a word of caution from experience though, too much traction can be bad when you really need rear breakout.......
  3. The Duke

    Unleash the Vapor II

    Someone please blindfold that man for two minutes..... I need a new quiver πŸ˜‹
  4. The Duke

    Who will be first to 100?

    Also a dry lake where it's flat for miles in any direction does help. we were using lake Gairdner πŸ˜‰ remember that salt lake they used for those Ford ADs a few years back, oh and the dry lake racers use it every year too, not to mention Donald Campbell....... Crank the kite into the sweet spot, glance down at your speedo, and fine tune your tack for max speed..... AHH the memories
  5. The Duke


    Not to mention the instant wet ass and frozen b...s ☺️
  6. The Duke

    Who will be first to 100?

    Hell guys, we were topping over 100kph 20 years ago with PL Ngen's and original PL comp buggies and no seat belts. this ain't rocket science.... You just need the balls to go hard or go home 😳 dont let your gear convince you it can't be done, it's all up to Mother Nature to provide the motivational force πŸ˜€
  7. The Duke

    Upwind performance Sonic v R1

    I would have said neither of them were keeping an eye on their fellow buggyers. Although it was only a small bump, either of them could have taken evasive action, they both had time.
  8. The Duke

    Arrhythmia @ Speed Week 2015

    Will check scheduled dates with Tracy and let U know mate.
  9. The Duke


    Nope. My trailer is Original PL side frames with home made everything else. πŸ˜‹
  10. The Duke

    HQ Prodigy 5.5

    Not Guilty on that one mate 😊 I gave all yours back, I'm back to the old Raptors πŸ‘πŸ½
  11. Nice one John, I've been thinking on this subject for quite some time now, I even have a mast waiting, but sadly no sails yet. I must admit though the motivation hasn't been there either, lol I do remember seeing one set up on a buggy with a dual framed goose neck on the net somewhere a while back, and I think it had some bracing bars back to the side frames to stop the twist. I'll see if I can find the pis, I think I saved them somewhere.
  12. The Duke


    Well the Duke family will be there again as usual, so come one, come all and have some fun with the rest of us. You won't be sorry you cam, whatever the weather. Cheers Dukey
  13. The Duke

    Kite Till You Drop @ Speed Week 2011

    The Duke family will be there once again.
  14. The Duke

    AndyFly, We will miss you.

    I finnish reading now with very watery eyes, and attempt a short reply. I offer my most heartfelt sympathy to Andy's family and friends at this time of grief. Andy was one of the genuine ambassidors of the sport and his presense will be sadly missed. A true character who touched so many with his friendly advice and tremendously infectious attitude towards our chosen sport. A man who will live long in my memories for years to come. Farewell mate......... Dukey
  15. The Duke

    October Long Weekend