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  1. Jon


    I did this at Conway beach when I met up with Peter and the other Whitsunday guys (Cheers again for a great couple of days, Peter). 57.7k pretty poor really but ave no photo evidence of faster times.
  2. Jon


    If I can't do this I'm out. We have beaches with 4x4s up here!
  3. Jon


    Could be a QLDr or 2 for the 17/18th!
  4. Jon

    MayDay 2011

    me me me me me me. pick me I want to come too. + if Troy is organising it then 14 is out really init.
  5. 2nd time doing this today as site Maintenance killed it last time, so short and sweet. LIBRE V-Max II Stainless Upgraded wide axle Upraded midi wheels front and back Bag from buggybags.co.uk Awesome home made race plates Mega awesome home made front mudguard It even has a FREE GoPro mount on the downtube so you can make wide angle videos of your groin whilst riding. Not my best idea, but you may be into that kind of thing! All this could be yours for $1400 See some of its awesomenes here http://vimeo.com/12600876 I just don't have tome to use it, baby, shop sh1t weather etc. If you are interested call me at Kitepower QLD 07 32841186.
  6. Jon

    Kite Aerial Photography

    Gopro on a single line at the weekend. Our local spot. More pics here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=79729&id=1154478244&l=0cc91d727a
  7. Jon

    Clamping stuff to kite line ?

    I use a knot where you wrap the line around you hand three times pul one line throu another then end up with a loop wich does not put the line under too much stress and is easy to remove afterwards, some climbers knot i believe. The carabinas easier to use on thiner line though.
  8. I'd love to see it mate but am up in QLD now. Will you do an on line version?
  9. Lavender makes boys grow 'man boobs' http://www.abc.net.au/science/news/stor ... 837919.htm
  10. Jon

    Sad News

    RIP Bob, we will all miss you and remember you allways. Your kites will brighten the sky forever and remind us of the Australian Kite legend you are. CYA mate. Bob and Team at Coolum 2009 showing some one where the registration tent is.....
  11. Jon

    FREE GoPro

    I allways use a small line from the camera to the footstraps, turns out his was not rated to 35 knots though. And my riding is lame so it ok for me...
  12. Jon

    FREE GoPro

    Yep, apparently full of footage. Viewed and not downloaded = School boy error Dolphins apparently....
  13. Jon

    FREE GoPro

    Its yours if you can find it! It's probably still on the seabed in Maui where if fell of Rhys' board in 35knots......
  14. Jon

    Balls of Steele video link :) its buggying

    Mmmmm buggying in a dry suit, nice. I used to gaffa tape my boots to the bottom of my suit. It was awesome when you came out on wet grass..