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  1. Tassie Flyer

    Buggy and Kite / Kites Wanted to Buy (Vic, Tas)

    Hi everyone. I have found and purchased a buggy and kites. Thanks to everyone that replied and messaged me.
  2. Tassie Flyer

    Buggy and Kite / Kites Wanted to Buy (Vic, Tas)

    PM sent, thank you.
  3. Tassie Flyer

    Buggy and Kite / Kites Wanted to Buy (Vic, Tas)

    Thanks Tiger37. I will keep you in mind, I need to see if anyone has a kite with buggy first. If I get just a buggy I will then look at kites. However, I do notice that you are in Canberra, and not Vic, or Tas. Cheers David
  4. Tassie Flyer

    Buggy and Kite / Kites Wanted to Buy (Vic, Tas)

    Hi andy666. Yes I did manage buy a package years ago, and I am now after another package, for a family member. Cheers.
  5. No longer requiring replies. As I have purchased. Wanted a good kite buggy, and kite / kites. Anywhere in Tasmania, or Victoria as well. I am travelling to Victoria in mid May. Tell me what you have. I am genuine, and a cashed buyer. Cheers David.
  6. Tassie Flyer

    WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS.

    Andy666 You just don't get it. I DO NOT want to buy a kite buggy from the mainland. If I can not purchase one from within Tasmania, then I will buy one when I am next on the mainland in 12 months time, and if that is not available to me then; then I will just simply buy new. I do not need people telling me what Australia Post charge. You do forget, that you have to find a seller that will only charge what Aust Post charge and no more. Some sellers want a fee for the hassle of packaging the item and taking to post office. But the other issue to me, is that I would like to inspect what I am purchasing before purchasing it. If I keep getting comments from people that do not have a buggy to sell, then I will not be responding to those comments, and YOU WILL BE IGNORED. If need be I will ask for this topic to be closed by an administrator, and I will finf my buggy from somewhere else. Thank you. Regards David.
  7. Tassie Flyer

    WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS.

    Hello Andy666 You have obviously have misunderstood by what I meant by what I said. I am referring to mik333 comment "A long standing rule on the for sale forum is to provide prices on items offered." Not to me paying any price. I have looked into freight costs for a buggy from the mainland and it is very expensive. So expensive in fact, that I am better off in just buying brand new. So NO, I am not prepared to pay just any price. And I do no want to freight a buggy from the mainland. Cheers, David
  8. Tassie Flyer

    WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS.

    It does not matter about the price, as I am only interested in items from Tasmania, as we are no longer travelling mainland Australia. If I can not get one here in Tas, then I will look again from other states in 12 months time.
  9. Tassie Flyer

    WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS.

    Thanks DJ_Sylk. But I do know that it will cost me way too much to freight here from WA. So I shall pass on this offer. Thanks David. Only interested if kite and buggy available in Tasmania, as we are no longer travelling Vic, NSW, ACT, and SA. So I am still interested if a package comes available within Tasmania. Thanks David.
  10. Tassie Flyer

    Peter Lynn Kite Buggy

    Hello Jo, Darren Tibbey messaged me a moment ago, to say that might have a buggy and kite to be able to sell me. I could not pm, as I am new in some respect to this site. Thanks David.
  11. Tassie Flyer

    WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS.

    Hello. I am wishing to purchase a Kite Buggy and Kite or kites. Must be in good order. Wanting as cheap as possible. Willing to pick up, and pay cash from Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, ACT, or South Australia. Let me know what you have, and how much, and if you can send me photos as well. My email is vortexturbo1988@yahoo.com.au Cheers David.
  12. Tassie Flyer

    I WANT 2 C buggies in action @ xmas in SYDNEY OR WOLLONGONG

    Thanks guys for info. I have tracked down 2 guys from this forum that are into kites with land boards. I shall wait and see if I here back from them. There are a few other members, but they are in the south of Tasmania, and are into kites with boards for riding the surf. My guess is that although similar, they are very different kites especially in size. I would rather talk to people that kite on land, as land is slightly harder than water to fall onto LOL!!!!!! But I woulkd still like to catch up with anyone in Sydney or Wollongong at XMas. Bye for now David.
  13. Tassie Flyer

    I WANT 2 C buggies in action @ xmas in SYDNEY OR WOLLONGONG

    Firstly. Greens Beach is one of the beaches that I wish to buggy at. It is a beach that goes for many miles and is very wide and extremely hard and flat. It goes along way to a another seaside town called Kelso. Kelso is where I learnt to sail, and have friends of mine there that probably will follow me into this sport. Secondly the reason why I wish to enter the sport, is that I no longer am able to sail yachts with my health, due to me no longer allowed to swim. However, I still have the passion for sailing, and did think about land sailing. The price of blokarts prohibit me from taking up land sailing, and as this is far cheaper, and looks like even more fun, I have decided to give it a try. I have watched kites in action with board kiters in the surf for the past 4 years and just love what they get up to. However I cant be part of them. But being on dry land, I can be a part of this type of sport. There you go guys there are your answers. I wiil try to chase out anyone already doing buggying in Tassie. I just thought that maybe this might have been the quickest and easiest way, by posted a thread on this forum. Bye for now David.
  14. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT. I will be in Sydney on Boxing day 26th Dec. And near Wollongong on the Saturday and Sunday immediately before Xmas Day, that is 23 & 24th Dec. I have never seen the buggies in action before, I dont even know how to fly these traction kites. I am getting into this sport and am about to buy my gear. Would anyone be willing to show me for an hour or 2 the necessary skills for a novice to get started. I will be at the places as mentioned above on the dates as suggested. Unfortunately due to work I only get the 4 days off. And I, like most other Auzzies, will not be available on Xmas Day. Please let me know if you can help me out at all. I have transport to travel to a place in close proximity to these places. Many thanks. David.
  15. Tassie Flyer