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  • Record Info

    • Speed: 108 km/h | 67.11 mph
    • Pilot: Pete Foulkes (New Zealand)

    • Kite: Ozone Quantum Prototype 4.0M
    • Buggy: Not Listed / Custom Built on Discs
    • Location: Muriwai Beach, New Zealand
    • Wind: 30 - 35 Knots
    • Surface: Beach
    • *GPS images, click to enlarge.

    User Feedback

    5 hours ago, igeighty said:

    A machine built purely for speed. amazing effort!!

    Yeah thanks. It is my race kitebike which I built to take out the kitebike World record with, at 95.6 kmh .  I got back the axle I  made for a friend. Then made a connecting bracket for it and another wheel. The race buggy was born. It only good for speed down wind as its too light and can't hold traction up wind.

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    I dont think my Hawaiian shirt is rated for anything over 80 kmh.

    But I think, I might try it next time just to see it in the video :)

    May even wear my hot pink tutu just for extra points

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