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  • Record Info

    • Speed: 52.1 km/h | 32.37 mph
    • Pilot: Lance (Australia)

    • Kite: HQ Beamer IV 2.0M
    • Buggy: Not Listed / Custom Built on
    • Location: Bowenville, Australia
    • Wind: 15 - 20 Knots
    • Surface: Other
    • *GPS images, click to enlarge.

    The Day's Summery:

    Hows it going 

    Got my first kite in feb Beamer IV 2m very nice little kite just to get used to the power and how to fly. I also had a 4m on its way Becuase i knew once the bug came along i'd be under powered for out here. 

    I picked the bug up on saturday last week not ever using one and met up with some of the brisy boys for some tips and bit of a sesh that afternoon. Must say alot harder then what i thought it was going to be but after awhile i was getting the hang of it. Next day took it out at home here on the farm, went ok but had a long walk back to the car. third time i went out i picked a different spot and got some good speed but very not good trying to learn with too much wind hitting 35-40Km/H. after getting tea bag and wind gusting up and remembering what wolfie had told me (walk before you run) i decided to call it  . 

    Yesterday looked out and had good wind nice and easy about 25-30km/h pulled the 4m out and away i went for an hour or so before lunch managed to hit 33.4 km/h on the bug not too bad i thought for the 4th time out getting better turns are working, playing with brakes to see how that affected things. 

    After lunch while wind was still in top form i thought i'd better get back out there and learn as much as i can while i got good air. So i'd thought i'd try going along one of our roads and get used to going slightly up and down wind. Being a harder then the feild i thought i'd get some good speed going. after about 45mins of playing in the dust thought i'd have a little rest i checked out my gps that was around my neck 52.1km/h VERY HAPPY WITH THAT. I thought for the 5th time in the bug its not to bad. 

    Next step 60km/h

    see if i can take a better pick next time....

    Cheers Lance

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