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  • Record Info

    • Speed: 59 km/h | 36.66 mph
    • Pilot: Gareth Hodgson (Australia)

    • Kite: Ozone Manta 8.0M
    • Buggy: Peter Lynn on Barrows
    • Location: Stockton Beach, Australia
    • Wind: 10 - 15 Knots
    • Surface: Beach
    • *GPS images, click to enlarge.

    The Day's Summery:

    Well it pales into insignificance really on this list but I was proud of it
    managed 59 Kph yesterday
    Kte was 8m Manta
    Buggy is a Peter Thin, barrows, standard short back axle
    Supossedly a comp but not sure as was 2nd hand and most people have a different opinion on the model
    wind was ......... about right for an 8m Manta, pretty strong, fully depowered for a lot of it but no trimming required
    Seabreeze suggest approx 14 Knots
    And here is the confirmation

    Not sure I want to break the 60 Kph mark cos that leads me to wanting to break the 70 Kph mark and there is now way I want to go that fast in that buggy!

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