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  • Record Info

    • Speed: 66.8 km/h | 41.51 mph
    • Pilot: Jeremy West (Australia)

    • Kite: PKD Century II 3.5M
    • Buggy: PTW Cougar on Bigfoots
    • Location: Kinka Beach, Australia
    • Wind:
    • Surface: Beach
    • *GPS images, click to enlarge.

    The Day's Summery:

    :D Very happy with that run, thankyou Gozzy for the Video, great kite & a big thanks to Jason from Briskites for the demo. :good::clapping:

    A little more onshore & i'm convinced I could have cracked the 70Km/hr mark. The beach got quite corrugated the more easterly I went & the pools of water got deeper as well, which unfortunatly wiped out any more speed that could be possibly had from that stretch of beach.

    The PKD Century II was a fabulous kite its downwind & upwind performance needs to be tried by anyone who wants a fixed bridle intermediate race kite. I will write a full review with Goz's help in the not to distant future, on that particular day I flew a Combat 2.9m, Crossfire 3m & of course the Century. :yes3::good::clapping::D

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