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    Clive 72.1 km/h By Clive

    Record Info

    • Speed: 72.1 km/h | 44.80 mph
    • Pilot: Clive Tebbet (Australia)

    • Kite: HQ Toxic 4M
    • Buggy: Libre Majestic on Bigfoots
    • Location: Sandy Point, Australia
    • Wind: 20 - 25 Knots
    • Surface: Beach
    • *GPS images, click to enlarge.

    The Day's Summery:

    Good day on the beach, gave the fixed bridle a run until I beat my own record, wind was probably 25 knots with a tailwind to the point, that's about as fast as the 4m toxic will go, to much side pull to go much quicker, I have since bought a 3m toxic and a 2.7 m vapor, so there's quicker speeds to set yet.

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