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  • Record Info

    • Speed: 82 km/h | 50.95 mph
    • Pilot: Marty James (Australia)

    • Kite: Best Waroo 5M
    • Buggy: Flexifoil on Midi
    • Location: Bribie Island, Australia
    • Wind: 25 - 30 Knots
    • Surface: Beach
    • *GPS images, click to enlarge.

    The Day's Summery:


    Wind got up to 30k
    Flying a 5m 08 Waroo
    Flexifoil buggy, Wide rear axle + buggy bag full of sand

    12 months to the DAY I have beaten my personal best ... from 76 kmh to 82 kmh ... Very Happy :yes3: but there is always another side to a coin yeah .... 76 to 82 over 12 months .... that means only 1 kmh improvment every 2 months :sorry:bugger ..... It's going to take till March 2012 till I catch Nigel ..... hmmmm .... I am sure I will come up with something :D

    Im after you Nigey wigey ;)

    p.s. Peter ..... :on_the_quiet:

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